Employment & Social Services helps Toronto parents on Ontario Works Assistance access support and find services that improve family finances and quality of life.

Through various partnerships and with our experience in the areas of child and spousal support, we can work with you to take some of the pressure off.

Parents who wish to pursue child support can get our advice and information about the process. We will help set up out-of-court support agreements or assist you at court if that is preferred. Because child support is not deducted from social assistance payments, families immediately improve their financial security when this support is in place. We will also help you to pursue spousal support, which is different than child support and is deductible from social assistance payments.

Additionally, we help parents on Ontario Works access related services and supports. There are many City of Toronto and community programs available for children and families. We want to make sure you know about them, and get you connected to the right services at the right time!

Family support workers are available in every Toronto Employment & Social Services office to help with support issues and provide you with information to strengthen your community ties. Ask your caseworker about how to connect with us or call us directly at 416-338-3800.

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