Due to renovations, the Lawrence Square office is temporarily closed and redirecting in-person service to the Yorkgate office. The York Humber office is closed temporarily and redirecting in-person services to the Dufferin office. The Queensway office is also temporarily closed and is redirecting in-person services to the Attwell office. Benefits and services are available over the phone and online.

If you do not have enough money for food and housing and are in financial need, you can apply online for Ontario Works assistance or call 1-888-999-1142 to apply by phone.


Employment & Social Services provides financial benefits through Ontario Works, employment supports and social supports to people living in Toronto. Some locations offer services en français.

For those receiving Ontario Works assistance, your caseworker can help you with:

  • accessing financial benefits available through the Ontario Works program
  • connecting to health, housing, childcare and other social services
  • finding a job or the training needed to find work
  • referrals to education, training and employment supports

Phone, Online and In-person Services

All Employment & Social Services offices are providing benefits and services by phone, online and in-person. Our phone and in-person hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

For online service use the MyBenefits application anytime to submit documents, check your payments and message your caseworker.

Before you visit, you should know that:

  • We may be able to help you over the phone. If possible, please contact your caseworker first. You can also message your caseworker online and send documents electronically through MyBenefits.
  • There will be limited numbers of computers available to apply for social assistance or to access other necessary online services. You may have to wait for one of these computers to become available for use.
  • There are three ways to send in your documents:
    • online using MyBenefits – this is the quickest way to send us information
    • by fax: 416-696-3475
    • by mail: PO Box 3888 Stn Industrial Park, Markham, ON L3R 5T2 – feel free to use the postage-paid business reply envelope you receive from us every month

Help us keep the air we share healthy. Please do not wear or use scented products when visiting our offices.

Title Description
Attwell Employment & Social Services

220 Attwell Dr., Toronto, ON M9W 6T9, Canada; 416-392-6400

M9P | M9R | M9V | M9W

Beaches Employment & Social Services

1631 Queen St. E., Toronto, ON M4L 1G4; 416-392-3200

M1N | M4E | M4J | M4K | M4L | M4M

Bridlewood Employment & Social Services

2900 Warden Ave., Unit 225, Toronto, ON M1W 2S8; 416-397-1100

M1T | M1V | M1W | M2J | M2H

Dufferin Employment & Social Services

900 Dufferin St., Unit 219, Toronto, ON M6H 4A9; 416-397-7800

M5J | M5K | M5L | M5T | M5V | M5W | M5X | M6H | M6J | M6K | M6R

Golden Mile Employment & Social Services

1880 Eglinton Ave. E., Unit 139, Toronto, ON M1L 2L1; 416-392-3400

M1L | M1R | M3A| M3C | M4A | M4B | M4C

Lawrence Square Employment & Social Services

700 Lawrence Ave. W., Suite 330, East Tower, Toronto M6A 3B3; 416-392-6500

M3K | M3L | M3M | M6A | M6B | M6E | M6L

Malvern Employment & Social Services

325 Milner Ave., 9th Floor, Toronto, ON M1B 5N1; 416-397-1000

M1B | M1C | M1G | M1H | M1P | M1S | M1X

North York Employment & Social Services

5100 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M2N 5V7; 416-392-2850

M2K | M2L | M2M | M2N | M2P | M2R | M3B | M3H

Rexdale Employment & Social Services

21 Panorama Crt., Suite 21, 2nd Floor, Toronto, ON M9V 4E3; 416-392-2644

Scarborough Village Employment & Social Services

3660 Kingston Rd., Unit K1, Toronto M1M 1R9; 416-392-2800

M1E | M1J | M1K | M1M

The Queensway Employment & Social Services

779 The Queensway, Toronto M8Z 1N4; 416-392-6550

M6P | M6S | M8V | M8W | M8X | M8Y | M8Z | M9A | M9B | M9C

Wellesley Place Employment & Social Services

111 Wellesley St. E., Toronto M4Y 3A7; 416-392-5300

M4X | M4Y | M5A | M5B | M5C | M5E | M5G | M5H | M5S

Yonge Eglinton Employment & Social Services

150 Eglinton Ave. E., Suite 900, Toronto M4P 3E2; 416-397-1800

M4G | M4H | M4N | M4P | M4R | M4S | M4T | M4V | M4W | M5M | M5N | M5P | M5R | M6C | M6G

Yorkgate Employment & Social Services

1 York Gate Blvd., Unit 108 B, Toronto M3N 3A1; 416-397-9450

M3J | M3N | M9L | M9M

York Humber Employment & Social Services

605 Rogers Rd., Unit C2, Toronto M6M 1B9; 416-392-6200

M6M | M6N | M9N