While receiving Ontario Works, payments are normally sent directly to your bank account. If you are receiving your payments by cheque, you can sign up for Direct Bank Deposit.

If you do NOT receive your payment, or if you receive an Employment & Social Services letter telling you that your payment is going to be delayed or stopped, contact your caseworker.

The following charts show the payment dates for the remainder of 2017 and 2018.

2017 Payment Schedule
Benefit Month *Date of Payment
Nov 2017 Tue Oct 31
Dec Thu Nov 30


2018 Payment Schedule
Benefit Month *Date of Payment
Jan 2018 Thu Dec 21, 2017
Feb Wed Jan 31
Mar Wed Feb 28
Apr Thu Mar 29
May Mon Apr 30
Jun Thu May 31
Jul Fri Jun 29
Aug Tue Jul 31
Sep Fri Aug 31
Oct Fri Sep 28
Nov Wed Oct 31
Dec Fri Nov 30


* The date the Province prints on the cheque

* The date the payment is received depends on Canada Post delivery to your area or the bank you deal with.

You can learn specific information about your social assistance, including payment amounts and dates, through the Interactive Voice Response System, available to those who are receiving Ontario Works.

Read more about Ontario Works.