Ontario Works Regulations


55. (1) The following benefits shall be paid with respect to each of the members of a recipient’s benefit unit if the administrator is satisfied that he or she meets the criteria for them and income assistance is being paid on his or her behalf:

Health benefits

1. An amount for health benefits equal to the sum of,

iii. 1. the cost of transportation that is reasonably required in any month for medical treatment for members of the benefit unit and that is not otherwise reimbursed or subject to reimbursement, if the cost of that transportation in the month is $15 or more,


Clients may be eligible for transportation costs to attend any therapy or treatment provided by a professional designated under the Regulated Health Professionals Act including drug and alcohol recovery programs (e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous).

Designated Health Professionals are:

physician, optometrist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, dentist, dental surgeon, dental technician, dental hygienist, denturist, optician, dietician, medical radiation technologist, massage therapist, midwife, nurse, pharmacist, speech language pathologist, audiologist, medical laboratory technologist, psychologist, respiratory technologist, chiropractor, chiropodist, or podiatrist

If transportation needs are being met by another means such as employment benefits to participate in an Ontario Works activity, or issuance of TTC tokens, no additional funds will be issued.

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