Why address transgender youth of colour?Trans youth of colour who belong to Toronto. A person stands with copy at the top of the image that says ‘my gender lives here’ and further copy across the body that reads ‘not here’. On the bottom section of the ad it reads ‘trans youth of colour are part of Toronto. Transphobia is not’ followed by Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention logo.

We want a welcome, safe and inclusive environment for trans youth of colour in Toronto. For this to happen, it’s imperative to understand the complexities of gender and race as well as the difference between sex and gender. Trans youth of colour are part of Toronto’s LGBTQ community yet they are underserved and often experience neglect, bias and violence because of transphobia and racism. We partnered with the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP) and a committee of trans youth of colour from across the city to develop this campaign and inform, educate and create opportunities to learn about these issues.


Download: Trans Youth of Colour Poster #1Trans Youth of Colour Poster #2

  • 26% of trans people of colour have experienced police harassment due to their race/ethnicity (Trans Pulse 2010)
  • 22% of trans people of colour have been turned down for a job due to their race/ethnicity (Trans Pulse 2010)
  • More than 1 in 3 trans youth have attempted suicide (SARAVYC 2015)

Trans is an umbrella term that describes the unique experience of gender for people who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth.


Thanks to the amazing contributions of the Community Advisory Committee in helping to develop this educational campaign that focuses on transgender youth of colour in Toronto.

To learn more about the Community Advisory Committee read their bios.