A Virtual Public Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 9, 2020 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. Please click here to register in advance and view the slides. Please fill out the survey by December 30th. See updates tab for further details.

The City of Toronto is proposing safety improvements on Cummer Avenue between Bayview Avenue and Leslie Street as part of a scheduled road reconstruction in 2021. These improvements include reducing roadway widths, lowering speed limits, improved pedestrian crossings, and adding protected bicycle lanes (cycle tracks). The road reconstruction also provides an opportunity to replace damaged sections of the road, curb, and sidewalk.

A final recommendation is planned for submission for approval to the Infrastructure and Environment Committee and City Council in spring of 2021, followed by implementation in late 2021.

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Update #2: Public Consultation

Virtual Public Meeting

A Virtual Public Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 9, 2020 from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. Please click here to register in advance.

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Update #1

Stakeholder and public consultation is being planned for fall 2020. Please subscribe for our e-updates to stay informed.

On Cummer Avenue between Bayview Avenue and Leslie Street, speed studies have shown that people are consistently driving above the posted speed limit. Speeding poses a risk to the safety of all road users. From 2015 to 2019, 231 vehicle collisions occurred on Cummer Avenue. Two of those collisions resulted in serious injury and one resulted in a fatality.

The City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan is focused on reducing traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries by making our roads safer for everyone, especially vulnerable road users such as seniors, school children, and people walking and cycling.

Summary: Project Design Elements

  • Sidewalks will be widened, along with the addition of new street trees, grass plantings, and other green infrastructure features, where possible. Bus stops and waiting areas will be widened and improved.
  • Raised crosswalks are planned for Ruddington Drive, Simeon Court, Snowcrest Avenue West and Mallaby Road due to their proximity to schools. Curb extensions are planned for Pineway Boulveard and Mallaby Road. Both are used to encourage slower speeds and make it safer for people to walk and cycle.
  • Speed limit would be lowered to 40 km/h on Cummer Avenue from Bayview Avenue to Leslie Street.
  • The curb lane between Pineway Boulevard and Leslie Street will be converted into a boulevard with trees, a protected bike lane and a wider sidewalks. One travel lane in each direction will remain.
  • Cycling signage and markings will be installed between Bayview Avenue and Pineway Boulevard to direct people cycling to the East Don River and Finch Trail systems.
  • The roadway width is not proposed to be changed between Bayview Avenue and Pineway Boulevard. Off-peak parking would remain as today on the south side from Simeon Court to Pineway Boulevard.
  1. Improve safety for people walking, cycling, and driving
  2. Enhance the walking, cycling and transit experience
  3. Maintain or enhance greening
Map showing the route from Bayview ave to leslie st. If you need help reading this map, please contact Alyssa.Cerbu@toronto.ca
Map of Cummer Avenue Reconstruction