April 2022 Update: City Council authorized the installation of Steeles Avenue East Complete Streets as part of the Cycling Network Plan: 2022 Cycling Infrastructure Installation – First Quarter on April 7, 2022. A copy of the staff report is available under IEC agenda item IE 28.7.

Steeles Avenue East between Midland Avenue and Brimley Road is scheduled for reconstruction in 2023. The roadwork provides an opportunity to review the street for changes to improve safety and operations for people driving, taking transit, walking and cycling.  As part of the roadwork, the City of Toronto is proposing cycling, pedestrian, motor vehicle operations, and road safety improvements on Steeles Avenue East from Midland Avenue to McCowan Road. The proposed design maintains two lanes of motor vehicle travel at 50km/h and includes new cycle tracks, intersection improvements and tree plantings and green infrastructure. The new bikeway will increase opportunities to safely connect to key destinations, including Milliken District Park to the east and Metrolinx’s Stouffville GO Grade Separation project to the west.


Consultation Report

Download and read the consultation report for the Steeles Avenue East Complete Streets project.


The feedback period closed on Friday, March 18th, 2022.

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Map of project area, Steeles Avenue East Complete Street from Midland Avenue to McCowan Road

  • The complete street design will take place on Steeles Avenue East between Midland Avenue and McCowan Road
  • There is an ongoing Metrolinx work west of Midland Avenue to Birchmount Road on Steeles Avenue East
  • The project will provide future cycling connections planned on Midland Avenue and Brimley Road as well as existing cycling connections on Steeles Avenue East and Milliken District Park.

Proposed Changes: Steeles Avenue East from Midland Avenue to McCowan Road

  • Addition of cycle tracks (protected bike lanes) on both sides of the street from Midland Avenue to McCowan Road creating a safe cycling connection to Milliken District Park from the west
  • Motor vehicle lanes would be slightly narrowed, with two lanes maintained in each direction
  • Sidewalks would be widened, where feasible
  • Westbound right turn lane at Midland Avenue removed (subject to coordination with Metrolinx), and additional turn lane removals are being considered based on impacts to traffic
  • Tree impacts are expected, but all efforts will be made to minimize these impacts
  • Opportunities for passive storm water capture through green infrastructure and permeable surfaces and additional tree planting are being considered

The City of Toronto is proposing changes on Steeles Avenue East as part of the road resurfacing to fulfill the City’s commitment to the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan. The Plan’s goal is to eliminate traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries by making our roads safer for everyone, especially for seniors, school children, and people walking and cycling.

From 2010 to 2021 on Steeles Avenue East between Midland Avenue and McCowan Road, there was one person killed and there were seven people seriously injured along this corridor. All proposed changes are focused on reducing future collisions.

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