Contact a community recreation centre for more information.

Before volunteering, individuals are required to:

  • fill out a volunteer intake form
  • participate in one or more orientations
  • obtain a satisfactory result from a Vulnerable Sector Screening (if applicable)

Please allow two to three months in advance of your desired volunteer placement for processing of Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information forms by the Toronto Police Service, if applicable.

Note that not all community recreation centres offer volunteer activities. Community service hours required for graduation is capped at 40 hours and is applicable across the City of Toronto. It is the responsibility of the volunteer to keep records of volunteer hours earned.

To volunteer within a Community Recreation Centre you must be at least 14 years of age.

The City of Toronto promotes a safe, welcoming, positive, inclusive environment where people are valued and respected.

Volunteers must at all times:

  • be respectful and act professional
  • show proper regard for City of Toronto property and the property of others
  • take direction and follow instructions given by City staff
  • follow policies, procedures and legislation as outlined in the volunteer orientation

Toronto City Council has authorized the use of Vulnerable Sector Screenings as an assessment tool when assigning volunteer activities to individuals. The City of Toronto will process (at no cost to the volunteer) Vulnerable Sector Screenings for volunteers that live in Toronto.

For individuals living outside of Toronto, the local police service must be contacted directly and fees will not be reimbursed by the City of Toronto.

Note to Parents/Caregivers/Guardian

All applicants regardless of age or ability are required to consent to the disclosure of information by signing the Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information form provided by staff. Government identification consisting of the applicant’s legal name, photo and birth date is required to prove identity. Youth under the age of 18 may use a student card to meet the photo requirement.

If you have questions or simply wish to make suggestions for improvement, contact onsite staff or

Formal recognition varies by site and/or district.