There are many opportunities for the public to get involved with the City of Toronto throughout the year, every year. The City actively encourages participation by its residents in order to make our city a better place for all to live, work, learn and play.


Opportunity Interest Details
Street Needs Assessment Volunteer Homelessness Volunteers needed to conduct Street Needs Assessment survey on April 26. Check page for more details.
3Rs Recycling Ambassador Ecology Educating apartment and condo residents to reduce, reuse and recycle more.
Community Recreation Volunteer Social, Community, Sports, Recreation A variety of roles are available, based on facility needs and season.
Animal Fostering Pets Volunteers open their homes to temporarily foster kittens and adults cats and dogs.
Live Green Toronto Volunteers Environment Engage and educate residents on the City’s environmental programs and services.
Long-Term Care Home Volunteer Seniors, Healthy Aging General and specialized volunteering, student and corporate opportunities to support seniors at any of our 10 long-term care homes.
PetSmart Adoption Program Pets Volunteers care for cats that are up for adoption and provide adoption counselling for the public.
Scarborough Museum Youth Volunteer Students, Youth Activities include: cooking/baking, photography, visual arts, camps, exhibit and event planning, gardening.
Dog Walker Volunteer Pets There are no opportunities for dog-walking at this time. Please check back to this location in the next few months for future opportunities.
Toronto Greeter Tourism Be a tour guide for visitors and share your unique knowledge of Toronto.
Digital Citizen Advisor Website Provide valuable website feedback and help us improve
Community Stewardship Program Ecology Volunteers conduct on-going maintenance and monitoring activities at various naturalization sites throughout Toronto Parks.
Don Valley Brick Works Ambassador Ecology Animate and interpret the Don Valley Brick Works Park, and educate visitors on the sustainable use of the park and other natural areas in the City. Deadline for application: April 3, 2018.
Doors Open Volunteer Social, Short-Term  Volunteers for multiple roles needed for a variety of shifts. May 26-27, 2018.
Nuit Blanche Volunteer Social, Short-Term  Volunteers for multiple roles needed for a variety of shifts and locations. September 29, 2018.
Cavalcade of Lights Social, Short-Term  Volunteers for multiple roles needed. November 24, 2018.
New Year’s Eve Social, Short-Term  Volunteers for multiple roles needed. December 31, 2018.
Riverdale Farm Planting Program  Forestry, Short-Term  Volunteers needed on Wednesdays & Saturdays on an on-going basis.
Trail Stewardship Events  Forestry, Short-Term  Volunteers needed. Check page for more details.
Tree Planting & Stewardship Forestry, Short-Term  Volunteers needed. Check page for more details.
Tree Planting Captain Forestry, Short-Term  Help City staff deliver public tree planting events.