We are always looking for volunteers to join our team. Your support will help residents maintain as active, independent and as high a quality of life as possible by augmenting and complementing services provided by staff.

Volunteer initiatives enhance the lives of residents and clients, by delivering many programs such as the tuck shop, bingo, pub, one-to-one visiting, and help to enhance many other home programs including dining assistance and escorting.

Other areas of volunteer service may include:

  • arts and crafts
  • chapel liaison
  • dining enhancement
  • fundraising
  • hairdressing
  • library
  • musical entertainment
  • program convenors
  • special events
  • trip escort

All volunteers are provided with orientation, training, staff support, program choices and flexibility in scheduling. Recruitment, orientation and training for new volunteers is in line with all COVID-19 safety protocols.

Seniors Services and Long-Term Care operates 10 long-term care homes across the City of Toronto. Each has a Coordinator, Volunteer Services who is ready to meet with you to help you find a volunteer program that is right for you.

Location Phone Number Email Address
Bendale Acres

2920 Lawrence Ave E

416-397-7058 Kimberley.Riley@toronto.ca
Carefree Lodge

306 Finch Ave E

416-397-1524 Lysa.Springer-Laks@toronto.ca
Castleview Wychwood Towers

351 Christie St

416-392-3973 Irina.Semjonov@toronto.ca
Cummer Lodge

205 Cummer Ave

416-392-9493 Liz.Mcmulkin@toronto.ca
Fudger House

439 Sherbourne St

416-397-0150 Ruth.Butler@toronto.ca
Kipling Acres

2233 Kipling Ave

416-397-5479 Adriana.Sangiorgio@toronto.ca
Lakeshore Lodge

3197 Lake Shore Blvd W

416-392-9460 Kimberly.Penton@toronto.ca
Seven Oaks

9 Neilson Rd

416-392-3515 Carly.Wolf@toronto.ca
True Davidson Acres

200 Dawes Rd

416-397-0364 Susan.Kearns@toronto.ca
Wesburn Manor

400 The West Mall

416-394-3600 ltc-wm@toronto.ca


As long-term care homes operate 24 hours per day, seven days per week, there are opportunities to fit every schedule – days, evenings and weekends. The frequency of volunteering depends on your role, but most volunteers come once a week.

As a volunteer, we ask you to make a six-month commitment to the program — but you are welcome to volunteer for as long as you like after that, especially if you have developed special friendships with our residents.

The process to become a volunteer with Seniors Services and Long-Term Care includes an application, orientation, police reference check (PRC) vulnerable sector screen and references.

To begin the process of your volunteer service with Seniors Services and Long-Term Care please:

  1. Choose the location/home where you want to volunteer.
  2. Complete and return the following forms to the Coordinator, Volunteer Services at the LTC home where you want to volunteer. The forms can be sent electronically via email or dropped off at the LTC home.
    1. SSLTCVolunteer Application
    2. SSLTCParent-Guardian Waiver (if under 18 years of age)
    3. Two copies of the SSLTCVolunteerReference

The Coordinator, Volunteer Services will contact you with more information.

Student volunteers are an integral part of the volunteer team. At present, one in three of our active volunteers are under the age of 18 years.

Learn more and get involved by volunteering in long-term care and earn your hours for high school credit at the same time.

Each of our homes have Volunteer Youth Councils that provide a framework for youth volunteers to gain leadership experience, learn decision-making skills and augment successful resident programs.

Many employers encourage staff to get involved in community service projects and Seniors Services and Long-Term Care offers an excellent opportunity for you to volunteer through your place of employment.

Contact the Coordinator of Volunteer Services at the location of your choice for more information.

Excellence in Volunteering recognizes individuals and groups for donating their time, energy and skills to enhance the lives of residents and clients in the City’s 10 long-term care homes and community programs.

Each year, volunteers contribute service through a wide range of services including arts and gardening programs, friendly visiting, operating gift shops and bistros, hosting fundraisers, providing end-of-life support, and organizing cultural and religious activities and special events.

Watch the video below to see volunteers in action.