You may submit your ChemTRAC report by using the Online Reporting System under the Environmental Reporting and Disclosure Bylaw. The reporting deadline is June 30 each year. If you are using Firefox and having issues accessing the reporting system, please try using a different Internet browser.

Guide to Submit a Report Online

Important note: Prior to submitting a report, you may use the tools provided in the sector specific pages to assess if you are required to report, and to prepare your chemical data.

What is ChemTRAC?

ChemTRAC is a program to track priority substances (chemicals) in industries. This program is designed to increase public awareness of priority substances (chemicals) and reduce pollution from industrial and commercial sources. It can be divided into three main areas:

Reporting Tools for Businesses

Find the required information for the reporting process including calculators for your activities, thresholds, pollution prevention and more information.

General ChemTRAC Info

Frequently Asked Questions about ChemTRAC, health effects of specific chemicals and greening your business.

ChemTRAC Reports

This includes new and archived annual and other ChemTRAC-related reports going back to 2005.

Data Disclosure

You can find facilities information and the reported chemical data by searching ChemTRAC's interactive map.