Businesses/facilities may submit their ChemTRAC reports after June 30, 2021 for the 2020 reporting year. Tools and information to help you submit a report are available below.


ChemTRAC is a program that aims to improve public health and support a green local economy by reducing toxic chemicals in our environment. Toronto Public Health has identified 25 priority substances (chemicals) that are in Toronto’s air environment at levels of concern for health.

ChemTRAC requires businesses to report their use and release of these chemicals to Toronto Public Health each year under the Environmental Disclosure and Reporting Bylaw. ChemTRAC also supports local businesses to reduce or eliminate these chemicals and adopt green business strategies.

You can learn more about ChemTRAC and explore chemical data reported by businesses below.

ChemTRAC Disclosure

See reported chemical data in Toronto by facility, industry, substance, and more.

About ChemTRAC

Learn about the chemicals used or released by businesses, health effects and more.

ChemTRAC Reports

See new and archived annual and other ChemTRAC-related reports going back to 2005.

Tools & Information for Businesses

Find tools to help with reporting and learn about ways you can green your business