Tracking and reporting to ChemTRAC helps businesses identify the major sources of priority substances in their facility. With the major sources identified, businesses can develop plans to reduce the use and release of priority substances.

For many businesses, this is the first time they will be sharing information about the use and release of chemicals in their facility. This is also an opportunity for businesses to share the pollution prevention efforts that they are making and to explain how their business works through the voluntary Environmental Statement in the ChemTRAC Data Disclosure System.

Pollution prevention is the most effective way for a facility to reduce its impact on the environment and health. Pollution prevention includes:

  • Replacing hazardous materials with less-toxic ones
  • Changing how waste is managed
  • Installing new technology
  • Maintaining equipment to ensure that leaks and general efficiencies are managed
  • Training staff on processes to reduce the use and release of priority substances

Going green improves Toronto’s environment and people’s health but it also can make good business sense. Some of the reasons include:

  • Profitability
  • Improving efficiencies
  • Reducing business risk
  • Employee retention
  • Improved community relations
  • Product or service stands out from the crowd

If you have questions about businesses in your neighbourhood, you may explore the business profiles of facilities using the ChemTRAC Interactive Map – which includes facility contact information, chemical data reported and their Environmental Statement.