Launched in 2014, the condomTO wrapper design series represents the people who live, work and play in Toronto. Visit one of our sexual health clinics and ‘help yourself’ to free condoms, including our limited edition condomTO wrapper designs.

Ever wondered what goes on in the giant bowl of condoms at sexual health clinics? Here’s a look inside the life of condoms waiting to be ‘chosen’ from TPH sexual health clinics:


Remember to use a new condom every time you have oral, anal or vaginal sex. Condoms decrease the risk of sexually transmitted infections, HIV and/or unplanned pregnancy. More information about condoms can be found on our resources page.

condomTO Wrapper Designs

white condom wrapper looks like TTC transfer. Reads 'Transfers are for buses only. Day 069'blue condom wrapper looks like tiled subway station wall. Reads 'Ride Responsibly'
red condom wrapper reads 'put it on Toronto'condom wrapper red and black plaid with white text 'Cover your lumber, Jack' and image of bearded man with toque.