Using a new condom every time you have oral, anal or vaginal sex decreases the risk of sexually transmitted infections, HIV and/or unplanned pregnancy.

Learn the correct way to put on internal and external condoms.

Everything you need to know about the external (male*) condom from Teen Health Source.

*External condoms are often called male condoms, so we have included this in brackets. People with penises don’t always identify as male and external condoms are used by people of all genders.

Get the ins and outs of condoms for gay and bisexual men from ACT Toronto.

Call or eChat the Sexual Health Infoline Ontario (SHILO) for free, anonymous & inclusive sexual health counselling support in different languages.

Learn more about the signs, symptoms, and treatment of common sexually transmitted infections.

For individuals: free condoms are available at all of our and at community health centres and agencies across the city.

For non-profit organizations: call the condom distribution line at 416-338-0901 or email


condomTO Wrapper Designs

The condomTO wrapper design series was launched in 2014 to help promote safer sex and reduce the stigma around condom use.

white condom wrapper looks like TTC transfer. Reads 'Transfers are for buses only. Day 069'blue condom wrapper looks like tiled subway station wall. Reads 'Ride Responsibly'
red condom wrapper reads 'put it on Toronto'condom wrapper red and black plaid with white text 'Cover your lumber, Jack' and image of bearded man with toque.