Toronto Public Health opened the city’s first permanent supervised injection service on November 8, 2017. Located inside The Works at 277 Victoria Street, this life-saving health service provides a safe and hygienic environment for people to inject pre-obtained drugs under the supervision of qualified staff.

International research shows that supervised injection services reduce drug overdoses, save lives and limit the spread of HIV and hepatitis C related to unsafe injection practices.  In addition to supervised injection, individuals using these health services will be provided with sterile injection supplies, education on overdose prevention and intervention, health counselling services and referrals to drug treatment, housing, income support and other services.

These important health services are part of Toronto’s Overdose Action Plan, which was adopted by the Board of Health in March 2017.  See frequently asked questions below for more information on supervised injection services.

Toronto Public Health is also collaborating with the Toronto Overdose Early Warning and Alert Partnership to provide timely information on overdose activity, with a current focus on opioids. Visit our statistics page to find out more on our work in this area.