The Federal Government of Canada has established a number of measures to assist those affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. This includes:

  • For citizens and permanent residents of Canada in Ukraine, urgently processing new and replacement passports and travel documents so they can return to Canada at any time. This includes immediate family members who will come with them
  • For Ukrainians who would like to come to Canada temporarily, establishment of the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel. Through this temporary resident pathway Ukrainian nationals could stay in Canada for up to 10 years. All Ukrainians who come to Canada as part of this program will be eligible to apply for work or study permits. They may also be able to apply for permanent residency through various programs, should they decide to stay in Canada at the end of their temporary stay
  • Prioritizing applications from people who currently live in Ukraine for permanent residence, proof of citizenship, temporary residence and citizenship grant for adoption
  • Granting exemptions for unvaccinated and vaccinated Ukrainian nationals to enter Canada

The renewal of work and study permits of Ukrainians in Canada are being prioritized. Through the extension of a Temporary Public Policy visitors from Ukraine currently in Canada can also apply for a work permit.

If you have questions related to these efforts, you can reach out to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada by completing this form. At the end of your inquiry the keyword UKRAINE2022 must be included to ensure the email is prioritized.

You can also contact Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada by phone +1-613-321-4243.

The City of Toronto’s focus is facilitating coordination of efforts in Toronto to support Ukrainian arrivals.  A coordinated approach is essential to ensure the ongoing success of this national effort. This work includes:

  • Intergovernmental engagement
  • Information sharing and outreach
  • The establishment of two committees—one internal to the City (called Inter-Divisional Team) and the other with external partners (called Inter-Agency Task Force)
  • Strengthening collaboration with service providers and key organizations in the Ukrainian community
  • Liaising with Ukrainian agencies providing support and expertise
  • Identifying gaps in settlement support systems and opportunities to address them

In partnership with the Government of Canada, the Canadian Red Cross is providing reception services for people displaced from Ukraine at select airports including Toronto Pearson International Airport. Services include:

  • Reception, registration and translation services
  • Information and referrals to additional supports
  • Access to experienced clinicians and mental health specialists

The Red Cross is also distributing a Welcome Package that includes information and resources. The Welcome Package is available in English, French, Ukrainian and Russian.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Ukrainian nationals in Ontario under the Canada-Ukraine Authorization For Emergency Travel are eligible to apply for Emergency Assistance which provides temporary financial support for basic needs and shelter for up to six months.

To apply call 416-338-8888, option 7 or visit

Child Care

Child Care Fee Subsidy

Ukrainian families that arrived on or after January 1, 2022 and settling in Toronto can receive assistance with the cost of child care by contacting the City of Toronto, Human Services Integration (HSI), at 416-338-8888 and choosing option 7.

Families will receive a priority for child care and do not need to meet the regular criteria requirements to access this service.

For more information, visit:

EarlyON Child and Family Centre

EarlyON Child and Family Centres offer free inclusive drop-in programs for parents, caregivers, and children 0-6 years old. This includes:

  • Activities that promote healthy child development
  • Access to resources that support pregnancy, parenting, and family well-being
  • Events and opportunities to connect with other families and make new friends
  • Information on resourcing and services that could help meet family needs

For more information, visit:

Transit Support

The Fair Pass Transit Discount Program is a City of Toronto initiative that provides a 33 percent discount on Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) adult single fare rides and a 21 percent discount on TTC adult monthly passes. This program requires participants to have a PRESTO card. The discount is programmed onto the PRESTO card for 12 months. Individuals must load funds to the card to access the discount.

Eligibility requirements:

City of Toronto resident 20-64 years of age AND you are receiving support through one of these programs:

  • Ontario Works Including Emergency Assistance
  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
  • A Child Care Fee Subsidy (through Toronto’s Children’s Services)
  • Rent-Geared-to-Income Subsidy (or subsidized housing)

The Toronto Public Library is providing complimentary PRESTO cards through a Complimentary PRESTO card initiative for people who do not have one or may face challenges in purchasing one. The Canadian Ukrainian Immigrant Aid Society is also distributing complimentary PRESTO cards.

Translated information about the Fair Pass Transit Discount is available in Ukrainian and Russian.

The TTC has other transportation discounts for Youth, Post-Secondary Students, and Seniors.

To learn more, please visit the Fair Pass Discount Program page.

Canada-Ukraine Transitional Assistance Initiative

The Federal government is offering transitional financial assistance to support Ukrainian nationals and their family member’s meet their basic needs such as housing and transportation. This benefit provides a one-time payment to Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel holders.

  • Individuals 18 years and older receive $3000
  • Children 17 and under receive $1500

Applications are submitted through the Government of Canada’s online portal. Payments are being issued through direct deposit within five business days of the application. 

Health Care Coverage

Individuals who arrived through the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel are eligible for:

The Refugee HealthLine at 1-866-286-4770 is a toll-free, multi-lingual phone line established by the Ministry of Health to connect newcomers to health care providers.

Ukrainian arrivals are eligible to access community supports to assist them with settling in their new communities. This includes language training, employment supports, and other settlement services.

Canadian Ukrainian Immigrant Aid Society has been providing settlement support for newcomers for over 40 years. Programs and services for newcomers include: English-language training, information and orientation services, help filling out applications and forms, referrals to housing, health, employment, and other government and community services, translation and interpretation support.

For more information please contact: 416-767-4595 or

Ukrainian Canadian Social Services Toronto provides culturally sensitive programs and services for members of the Ukrainian ethno- cultural community. Services include housing support, orientation and settlement services, mental health services, translation/interpretation, and more.

For more information please contact:  416-663-4982 or

Other Settlement Agencies is a website that provides information related to immigrating, settling and living in Ontario. The Services Near Me tool allows you to obtain a listing of local settlement agencies and supports. The Discussion Forum feature allows you to pose questions and receive responses.

COSTI Immigrant Services – Housing Host Program

COSTI Immigrant Services has partnered with the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and other community organizations to coordinate a Housing Host program connecting Ukrainian nationals with a vetted host for a temporary period of time. Families interested in being matched with a host family can contact

Individuals who would like to be a host can contact or complete the Housing Assistance for Newcomers Form.

Other accomodation supports

If you need assistance with finding accommodation, you can contact a settlement agency near you using the Services Near Me tool.

If you need assistance furnishing your new home, contact Furniture Bank, they help newcomer and refugee families access furniture and household goods for their new homes.


The conflict in Ukraine has led to one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time, with millions displaced. There are a number of ways you can help including:

The Ontario Council for Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI) is collecting offers of employment, services, and goods through their donations portal to support Ukrainian arrivals settle in their new home.

The Canadian Red Cross has launched Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal to support those affected by the ongoing conflict in the country. Learn how you can help at Red Cross.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress is accepting donations of new or gently used clothing and kitchen items and new towels, sheets, pillows, and hygiene supplies. To learn more, contact 416-323-4772.

The Government of Canada is collecting large scale donations of temporary housing, transportation, gift cards, and communication devices. Donations are funneled to IRCC’s national network of settlement organizations to provide directly to Ukrainian nationals and other displaced persons making Canada their home.


The Ukrainian Canadian Congress Opens in new window is currently accepting volunteers to support incoming Ukrainian arrivals.