Prior to the completion of the Bloor-Danforth Subway line, the TTC was already looking to expand its overcrowded and hectic Yonge Subway line and Eglinton Station terminal. The continued growth and expansion of Metropolitan Toronto meant that a solution would need to be found. In 1961 the first set of plans was drawn up for the Yonge Subway northern extension. These plans were modified several times until 1967 when Metropolitan Toronto accepted the new alignment.

Construction on the Yonge Subway Northerly Extension began in October 1968. This extension would see the Yonge Subway extended from Eglinton Station to Sheppard Station. A decision was made in 1969 to further extend the Yonge Subway to Finch Station. The original stations for this line were Lawrence, York Mills, Sheppard, and Finch.

This north Yonge Subway extension was opened in two parts. First, the extension from Eglinton Station to York Mills Station opened in March 1973. The remaining two stations, Sheppard Station and Finch Station, were opened a year later in March 1974, which coincided with the 20th anniversary of the original Yonge Subway opening.


Pamphlet of progress photographs for Yonge Subway extension to Finch Station.
Subway Progress report no. 10 – Yonge Extension to Finch Avenue (recto)
Fonds 16, Series 221, File 294, Item 10.
Subway Progress report no. 10 – Yonge Extension to Finch Avenue (verso)
Fonds 16, Series 221, File 294, Item 10



Heavy machinery including cranes and cement trucks with construction crew and construction supplies hoarding is installed around site
Piling operation at Eglinton Avenue
January 10, 1970
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 77, Item 200.
Snow covered beams with hoarding on far side of construction site near road construction works walking on beams
View looks south on Yonge Street towards Eglinton Avenue showing deck beams in place and timber decking being laid
March 2, 1970
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 77, Item 226.



Workers standing in newly constructed subway tunnel.
Connection of southbound tunnel to box tunnel structure. This connection linked contract Y1, the cut and cover construction from Eglinton Station to Orchard View Avenue with contract Y2, which consisted of the construction of subway tunnels between Orchard View Boulevard and Lawrence Avenue.
October 28, 1970
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 283, Item 342.
Horizontal beams installed in box tunnel structure. Light shaft coming through ceiling.
View taken looking north showing excavation of box structure for Lawrence Station
June 9, 1971
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 80, Item 631.
McAlphine sign at construction site. Traffic in streets. Background shows apartment building and houses along street.
This elevated view looks north-east across the intersection of Yonge Street and Lawrence Avenue, showing the east entrance to the station.
September 11, 1972
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 270, Item 1304.


Man standing near large operating drill and heavy machinery.
The installation of a dewatering system south of Mill Street allowed the Don River to be rerouted for the construction of York Mills Station.
April 21, 1969
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 87, Item 81.


Site of excavation with workers' trailers. Far side of Yonge Street shows apartment buildings
View of York Mills Station showing excavation, lagging and struts behind a Shell gas station. A line of concrete trucks is waiting on York Mills Road to pour.
September 19, 1969
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 86, Item 163.
York Mills Subway Station under construction from street level.
General progress photograph of the east side of the north entrance of York Mills Station and surrounding area
June 9, 1971
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 284, Item 627.


Crane and workers at excavated pit. Cars and mall in background.
Placing deck beams, looking southbound on Yonge Street between Bogert Avenue and Poyntz Avenue
November 11, 1970
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 280, Item 374.


Dump truck and excavator working in the mud of the underground box tunnel area.
Underground view looking south showing excavated area and decking at Sheppard Avenue
March 23, 1971
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 279, Item 494.
Beams over excavated area. Workers inside fenced area near hole. Dempsey Brothers store and gas station in background.
Deck removal operations during street restoration to west side of Yonge Street, working north from Sheppard Avenue, looking south-west
March 1, 1972
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 281, Item 971.
Installed decking on middle lanes of Yonge Street with traffic on either side. Storefronts line both side of road. Construction materials lie on decking.
Decking at Yonge Street, looking north
March 1, 1972
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 109, Item 974.
Cross section of mean and excavator in tunnel with beams on roadway. In the distance in heavy machinery.
Excavation and lagging operation at the box structure, north of Norton Avenue, looking south
April 24, 1972
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 108, Item 1092.


Hoarding surrounds construction site with workers' trailers on other side of road. Structural beams have been installed inside hoarding.
The worksite of Finch Station Kiss ‘N’ Ride and bus transfer-way, looking south
May 14, 1973
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 101, Item 1492.


The North York City Centre Station (originally referred to as Park Home Station) had been planned during the original design of the extension, but construction on this station did not begin until June 1985. This station was built on an operating subway line and was done without interruption to subway service. This station opened for service on June 18, 1987.


Large muddy trench excavated on Yonge Street.
West side of Yonge Street looking south from Park Home Avenue
November 12, 1985
Fonds 16, Series 1604, Files 4950, Item 851141-10.
Snow covered excavated trench for subway tunnel with traffic on Yonge Street.
West side of Yonge Street looking north towards Park Home Avenue
November 28, 1985
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 4950, Item 8511108-5.
Cross section of tunnel construction under Yonge Street, cars moving above excavated area, and construction Of North York Civic Centre.
East side of Yonge Street looking west towards the construction of North York Civic Centre
January 15, 1986
Fonds 16, Series 1604, File 4951, Item 860162-3.