Archives’ web exhibits are created using the many documents within the City’s archival collection. They cover a wide range of topics from Toronto’s history. Select the areas that interest you and learn more.

First & Second World Wars

Discover more about the experiences of Torontonians during the First and Second World Wars.

Architecture & Infrastructure

Bridges, buildings, highways and byways. Learn more about Toronto's built environment and the planning behind it.

Local Government

Canada's largest municipality has provided services to its residents for nearly 200 years. Find out more about their history and development.

Community & Neighbourhoods

Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods. Uncover the stories behind some of the city's many localities.

Significant Events

Learn about some of the major events in Toronto's history.

Culture & People

Explore the stories of some of Toronto's most interesting people and the many things they've done to make our city a better place to live


Subways, streetcars, buses. Learn about Toronto's history of moving people around the city.