Bridges, buildings, highways and byways. Learn more about Toronto’s built environment and the planning behind it.

No Little Plans: Alternative Building and Transportation Visions for Toronto

This exhibit examines significant municipal projects that were either never realized, or else built to one of a number of competing designs.

Bayview Bridge

The 1960-61 construction of a new bridge on Bayview Avenue over the West Don River, by the Metropolitan Toronto government.

Bridging the Don: The Prince Edward Viaduct

Learn about the massive public works project that bridged a river valley and stitched a growing city together.

A Stitch in Time

Historic attempts to create panoramic photographs of armed forces battalions, downtown Toronto, construction projects and more.

Ellis Wiley Fonds

A selection of colour images of Toronto, taken between 1945 and 1993 by amateur photographer Ellis Wiley, telling the story of an evolving city.

The Gardiner Expressway East Comes Down

View photographs taken by Peter MacCallum of the 2001 demolition of the Gardiner Expressway East.

A Work in Progress

This exhibit highlights some of the extensive architectural records housed at the Archives, from the 1840s to the present day.

Mandel Sprachman Fonds

Images of the restoration of the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres and other theatres, by architect Mandel Sprachman.