Centennial Park Conservatory has tropical and arid displays set alongside seasonal plant displays. The greenhouses display hundreds of varieties of tropical, blooming and fruiting plants that include palms, orchids, banana and bromeliaeds, and agave.

  • The main greenhouse contains 200 different varieties of tropical plants that bloom year-round including palms, crotons, gingers, hibiscus, orchids and bromeliads. You can also find fruit trees such as banana, soursop and papaya here.
  • The south wing is an arid house and is home to a large display of unusual cacti and succulents including collections of agave, opuntia, and aloe.
  • The north wing features specialty displays that are always changing. Displays include special floral species selected for the spring, summer, fall and winter floral displays.

The park outside offers a variety of amenities, like a BMX bike area, disc golf and more.

Tips for Your Visit

  • With the exception of service animals, pets are not allowed inside the conservatory.
  • You are welcome to bring your own picnic and snacks to enjoy outside in the park. Outside food and drink are not allowed inside the conservatory.
  • A drinking fountain is available inside.
  • Photography for personal use is allowed but stay on the paths and out of garden collections.
  • Permits are required for commercial or wedding photography.
  • Drones are not allowed inside or throughout the park.
  • The conservatory has a coat check in the front foyer.


The Centennial Park Conservatory complex was designed and constructed in 1969 and was formally opened by Etobicoke Mayor Horton on March 21, 1970. It consisted of a large tropical house and two smaller wing houses originally used for plant production. Over time, the wing houses became an arid house and a seasonal display house. Plant production now occurs in an attached greenhouse where, along with all the seasonal display plant material for the conservatory, 300,000+ annual and perennial plants are also grown to beautify parks throughout the city.