The Conservatory is closed until late 2026 due to planned restoration work. Stairs, ramps and terraces will remain closed until restoration work is completed.

This small, two-level greenhouse is set to the cool and moist conditions of a cloud rainforest, complete with waterfall.

The colourful plant collection includes:

  • tree ferns
  • palms
  • other exotic plants

Pets and Service Animals

Pets are not allowed within the conservatory. Service animals are allowed.

Food and Drink

Outside food and drink are not allowed inside the conservatory.


Quick photography for personal use is allowed. Stay on the paths and out of garden collections.

Extended photoshoots, wedding photography or anything that requires set-up, equipment or staging and/or requires exclusive use of space or inhibits the use of the space by other visitors requires a permit.

Drones are not allowed in the conservatory or the park.

The Cloud Gardens Conservatory sits on land given to the city in the 1980s when the Bay Adelaide Centre was constructed. The Conservatory was renovated in 2014 and re-opened in spring 2015 with a new climate control system and grow lights to address shading caused by newly built office towers. Improvements also include an improved misting system and a new monorail system to help maintain the mechanics and vertical wall gardens. Soil amendments and new plantings further help to simulate a Cloud Forest habitat.

Cloud Gardens Conservatory was recognized with a Governor General’s Architectural Award and features a monument to Toronto’s construction workers.