The City of Toronto offers Aquatic Fitness certification courses through WaterART Fitness International. The City of Toronto, in collaboration with WaterART Fitness International, also offers an opportunity each fall to participate in an Aquatic Fitness Conference.

Aquatic Fitness Instructor Certification

  • Prerequisite: 16 years or older
  • Recommended:
    • Standard First Aid with CPR-C
    • Participation in aquatic fitness classes

The Aquatic Fitness Instructor Certification course, led by a WaterART Master Trainer, focuses on developing important skills instructors will need to teach a fun, safe and effective aquatic fitness class.

These skills include:

  • class management
  • basic water movements and variations
  • understanding the major muscle groups and their joint action
  • how to design target training sets

These skills will be taught through a combination of classroom and in-water sessions. Practical and written examinations will be in addition to the course.

Candidates do not have to be a lifeguard to join this program.

Prerequisites: A current Aquatic Fitness Instructor Certification

The City of Toronto offers certification in a variety of disciplines through WaterART Fitness International. Selected specialty courses are offered each year through the Leadership program and a conference forum.


A workout designed for people with arthritis. The workout focusses on improving range of motion through muscle conditioning, flexibility and strength-building exercises.

Boot Camp

The goal of this program is to review six program formats to create purposeful yet challenging programs. This program explores the use of equipment to intensify your classes. This high-energy program will provide 100 ways to train for muscle fitness, balance, agility, cardiovascular training, flexibility as well as coordination.

Caregiver and Baby

A shallow water workout that allows caregivers to bring their six to eight-month-old babies with them to participate.

Children and Youth

A shallow water workout incorporating healthy living education, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility.

Common Movement Disorder

A low-impact program for individuals living with neurological diseases, such as MS, Parkinson’s or Stroke, that incorporates necessary functional exercises to aid with activities of daily living (ADLs) as well as incorporate balance and posture retraining, muscular strengthening, flexibility and agility.

Mind and Body

This program provides a variety of balanced moves utilizing Pilates, Tai Chi, Yoga and other mindful movements.

Pre and Post Natal

A workout designed for women who are pre or post-delivery that included cardio, muscle conditioning, flexibility and strength-building exercises.


This program is designed for individuals interested in running, those who are already runners, the injured athlete and individuals who would like a safe, effective running program in a low to no-impact environment.

Sports Conditioning

A high-intensity workout for athletes interested in enhancing sports performance and injury prevention. This program is designed to maximize your cardiovascular health and strengthen your core.

Water Walking

A low-impact, shallow water workout that will naturally target and train all of the major muscle groups in the body.

To renew Aquatic Fitness Instructor or Specialty certifications, one of the following options must be completed before the certification(s) expire.

  1. Participate in workshops and training programs during the two-year certification period to earn Continuing Education Credit (CEC’s), like the Aquatic Fitness Conference.
  2. Participate in a new WaterART Specialty Certification during the two-year re-certification period.

Please check with the certifying body on certification renewals, acceptable qualifying workshops and training programs for recertification. Visit WaterART Fitness International for more information on recertification of these awards.