Youth Spaces

A brightly coloured logo with the text Youth Space
Look for this sign to find your community centre’s Enhanced Youth Space.

There are two types of youth spaces available across the city: regular and enhanced.

Regular Youth Spaces have youth-centric programming during the week at different times. They might not be available every day of the week, so make sure to check ahead.

Enhanced Youth Spaces (EYS) are supervised spaces that are open to youth five to six (5-6) days a week. These spaces have stuff like WiFi, TV, gaming consoles, foosball tables, pool tables, computers, recording studios, photography labs, and study spaces. Free programs include photography, barbering and hairstyling, yoga, nail art, DJing and music recording.

All Enhanced Youth Spaces are open:

  • Monday to Friday
  • 12 to 6 p.m.

Some Enhanced Youth Space hours of operation may differ from the 12 to 6 p.m. timeframe. Contact your local Enhanced Youth Space staff from the following table for more detailed information.

Location Contact
Club Nish

Inside Native Youth Resource Centre

655 Bloor St. W., Toronto

Donique Thompson, Youth Recreation Programmer

Da Block

Inside Don Montgomery Community Centre

2467 Eglinton Ave. E., Scarborough

Hutton Barry, Youth Recreation Programmer

Da Lounge

Inside Parkway Forest Community Centre

55 Forest Manor Rd., North York

Robika Crofton, Youth Recreation Programmer

Rathburn Area Youth Enhanced Youth Space

385 The West Mall, Etobicoke

Darren Clarke, Youth Recreation Programmer

Street Level

Inside LAMP Community Health Centre

185 Fifth St., Etobicoke

Darren Clarke, Youth Recreation Programmer

The 6IX

Inside Heron Park Community Centre

292 Manse Rd., Scarborough

Pamela Thomas, Youth Recreation Programmer

The Crib

Inside Antibes Community Centre

140 Antibes Dr., North York

Laura Amponsah, Youth Recreation Programmer

The Hot Spot

Inside North Kipling Community Centre

2 Rowntree Rd., Etobicoke

O’Neil Mullings, Youth Recreation Programmer


Inside Masaryk-Cowan Community Recreation Centre

220 Cowan Ave., Toronto

Shane Marshall, Youth Recreation Programmer

The New Generation Youth Recreation Centre

2694 Eglinton Ave. W., York

Zecko Jalloul, Youth Recreation Programmer

The Zone

Inside Strides Toronto

1200 Markham Rd., Scarborough

Kavi Parameswaran, Youth Recreation Programmer

W.A.Y. Lounge

Inside Northwood Community Centre

15 Clubhouse Crt., North York

Piragashini Gnanavel, Youth Recreation Programmer

Regent Youth Club

Inside Regent Park Community Centre

402 Shuter St., Toronto

Rowan Beckford, Youth Recreation Programmer

The Well Zone

Inside Wellesley Community Centre

495 Sherbourne St., Toronto

Rowan Beckford, Youth Recreation Programmer


Inside O’Connor Community Centre

1386 Victoria Park Ave., North York

Paul Walwyn, Youth Recreation Programmer


Inside Driftwood Community Recreation Centre

4401 Jane St., North York

Sabriyya Bacchus, Youth Recreation Programmer

The Grove

Inside Elmbank Community Centre

10 Rampart Rd., Etobicoke

Everett Cooper, Youth Recreation Programmer

The Legacy

Inside Falstaff Community Centre

40 Falstaff Ave., North York

Nadine Mullings, Youth Recreation Programmer

The Giizhik Studio

Inside Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

156 Galloway Rd., Scarborough

Joanna Furczon, Youth Recreation Programmer

Power House

Inside Power House Recreation Centre

65 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr., Etobicoke

Alexandra Constant, Youth Recreation Programmer

Hype Heights

Inside Lawrence Heights Community Centre

5 Replin Rd., North York

Bianka Dunn Cupid, Youth Recreation Programmer

The Pulse

Inside Jimmie Simpson Recreation Centre

870 Queen St. E., Toronto

Dylan Howell, Youth Recreation Programmer

These programs are offered only at Enhanced Youth Spaces

Amped Artist Development

Learn the skills needed to write, record and establish your portfolio.

Amped Music Engineering

Learn how to produce music and skills to perfect your sound.

Amped Photography/Videography

Learn how to record video for YouTube, weddings and short films.

Amped Art of DJing

Learn the basic fundamentals of DJing, beat making, bar counting, scratching and mixing. Equipment is provided.

Building Skills Through Recreation (BSTR) Employment Readiness

  • Youth 16 to 24 years of age
  • Learn interview tips, how to build a resume, customer service and other skills to help you apply for City of Toronto Recreation jobs

Chop It Like It’s Hot!

  • Learn how to make basic, healthy, affordable meals, and how to shop on a budget
  • Weekly program
  • A cook-off is held at the end of the program to see who will compete at the final competition during Youth Week

STOMP Dance Program

  • Learn various urban dance styles such as step, break, hip-hop, dancehall, bollywood, jazz, ballet and contemporary through a team dance program
  • Stomp Urban Dance Showcase recital event

Social Environmental Education Entrepreneurship Design (SEEED) Program

  • Youth 12 to 15 years of age
  • Learn how food is grown, healthy eating and shopping tips, culinary training, and food safety and handling training

YOWs can help youth:

  • Find a job or volunteer opportunity
  • Participate in special events and recreation programs
  • Join their local Youth Advisory Council. In Youth Advisory Councils, youth work with their peers in a positive environment to make a difference in their community. Activities can include planning special events, advising the community centre on recreation programs for youth, and community service work.

Contact a Youth Outreach Worker (YOW) to find out more.

Location Part of the City Phone Number (Cell)
Antibes Community Centre North 416-936-7821
Dennis Timbrell Recreation Centre North 416-936-8265
Driftwood Community Centre North 416-717-9157
Grandravine/Northwood Community Centre North 647-473-7664
Lawrence Heights Community Centre North 416-991-3717
O’Connor Community Centre North 416-908-9784
Oakdale Community Centre North 416-992-9714
Oriole/ Parkway Forest Community Centre North 416-906-6401
Chalkfarm Community Centre West 416-984-7309
Elmbank Community Centre West 416-999-4681
Fairbank Community Centre West 647-473-7662
Falstaff Community Centre West 416-990-7714
James S. Bell Community Centre West 647-212-7626
Kingsview Village Community Centre West 416-984-7306
Mount Dennis Community Centre West 416-984-7282
North Kipling Community Centre West 416-984-0807
Centennial/Cedarbrook Community Centre East 416-936-8578
Don Montgomery Community Centre East 416-771-4840
Heron Park Community Centre East 416-936-8573
L’Amoureaux Community Recreation Centre East 416-906-4967
Malvern Community Centre East 416-936-8597
McGregor Community Recreation Centre East 416-999-7207
Oakridge Community Centre/Warden Hilltop Community Centre East 416-688-7802
Scarborough Village East 416-791-0954
Jimmie Simpson Community Centre South 416-896-5957
John Innes Community Centre South 416-771-1449
Masaryk-Cowan Community Centre South 416-984-6946
Regent Park Community Centre South 416-936-7825
Scadding Court Community Centre South 416-896-6437
Secord Community Centre South 416-936-8605
Wellesley Community Centre South 416-677-5654