Registration is ongoing for Spring Swim and Skate programs, Summer Camps and other Spring/Summer recreation programs.


Touch Tone Registration (TTR) 416-338-0000 is no longer available as of March 28 2018. To register please visit or call 416-338-4386.


Make sure you are ready for registration. Find all you need to know about registering for recreation programs here.

Registration dates are based on the district where the Community and Recreation Centre is located. After registration begins, you can register for programs until they are filled.

Plan ahead – note the tentative 2018 registration dates in your calendar. Dates/times may change; check back closer to the date to confirm.

Spring swim and skate programs and summer camps

Registration is ongoing. Register now!

Summer swim & skate programs

  • Etobicoke York District and Scarborough District: Saturday, June 9
  • North York District and Toronto & East York District: Tuesday, June 12

Find summer swim and skate programs!

After-school Recreation Care (ARC)

Registration begins on Monday, June 18, 2018, at 7 a.m. and is ongoing for the September 2018 to June 2019 school year.

Fall and winter general programs, fall swim and skate and December camps

  • Etobicoke York District: Saturday, September 8
  • Scarborough District: Sunday, September 9
  • Toronto & East York District: Wednesday, September 12
  • North York District: Thursday, September 13

Winter 2019 registration for swim, skate and March Break camps:

  • Etobicoke York District and Scarborough District: Saturday, December 1
  • North York District and Toronto & East York District: Tuesday, December 4

Choose and build your list of programs using the or the printed FUN Guide.

Have a few program choices ready in case your preferred program is full.

Set up your account

You need a Family Number and Client Number to register for recreation programs.

There are three ways to get your account set-up and ready:

  1. Phone – Call us at 416-338-4386 to speak to a customer service representative from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.
  2. Email – Complete the Family Account Form and email (please make sure that you save the completed form). Please allow 5 business days to process.
  3. Fax – Complete the Family Account Form and fax to 416-392-1551.

Manage your account (lost numbers, add family members, transfer programs, and update information).

Call 416-338-4386 Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m to 4:30 p.m. You’ll need to verify your account by answering a security question.

Log in to your account to update or add your email address.

The 2.12 per cent fee increase is in effect from January 1, 2018. Contact Customer Service at 416-338-4386 if you have any questions.

Payments Accepted

Only VISA, Mastercard and American Express are accepted. VISA, MasterCard debit cards cannot be accepted online at this time.

Cheques made out to “City of Toronto” or cash or Interac debit can be used for in-person registration only.

Financial Subsidy

The Welcome Policy provides financial subsidies to people with low income so they can participate in programs.

Partial Payments

When you register for a program that costs more than $100, you can split it into two installments using a credit card: 50 per cent must be paid when you register and the remainder is due five weeks before the last day of the program. Call 416-338-4386 to schedule partial payments.


Remember to print your confirmation page before exiting the online registration system; this is your confirmation and receipt. Log on to your account to print and save your receipts.

You can use all these methods when registration opens at 7 a.m.


This is the fastest and easiest way to register – visit

By Phone

Register through an operator-assisted phone call at 416-338-4386.

Touch Tone Registration (TTR) at 416-338-0000 will no longer be available as of March 28, 2018. Please register online or call 416-338-4386.


On the relevant registration days from 7 a.m.-12 p.m., you can register at the following locations:

Etobicoke York District
Community Centres Address Phone
Etobicoke Civic Centre 399 The West Mall, 2nd Floor 416-338-4386
Scarborough District
Community Centres Address Phone
Scarborough Civic Centre 150 Borough Drive 416-338-4386
North York District
Community Centres Address Phone
North York Civic Centre 5100 Yonge St, 3rd Floor 416-338-4386
Toronto & East York District
Community Centres Address Phone
East York CC 1081 Pape Avenue 416-396-2880
Main Square Community Centre 245 Main Street 416-392-1070
Masaryk-Cowan CC 220 Cowan Ave 416-392-6928
Matty Eckler CRC 953 Gerrard Street East 416-392-0750
St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre 230 Esplanade 416-392-1347
Wellesley CC 495 Sherbourne St 416-392-0227


After registration has opened for all districts, you can register at your local Community and Recreation Centre or by calling Customer Service during regular business hours.

To access, download or print receipts for community recreation program registration, have your client number and PIN handy and follow these easy steps:

  1. visit
  2. click on Login
  3. enter your Main Contact Client Number and Family PIN Number
  4. select My Account
  5. select Receipts Online
  6. view and print your recent receipts

Clients who don’t have access to a computer and printer can visit their local community centre and or civic centre to receive a printed copy.

Q1: If I don’t have a credit card can I still register online?

A: Yes. Clients who do not have credit cards can visit their local community centre and/or civic centre to make an advanced payment on their account.

Q2: Why can’t I see my registration confirmation immediately after registering online?

A: Registration confirmation is unavailable on the day registration opens due to the volume of transactions being processed at the same time. You can view your online transactions later on registration days (after 10 a.m.).

Q3: Why can’t I use different methods of registration at the same time?

A: The registration system cannot process transactions from more than one method.

Q4: Why does my account lock me out after a few attempts to log in?

A: Please ensure that you have the correct family number and client numbers. Accounts will be disabled after the third attempt to log in. Contact customer service at 416-338-4386 to get the account unlocked.

Q5: I have been placed on a waitlist for a program. How will I know if a spot becomes available?

A: Recreation staff will notify you when space becomes available.

Q6: One of my classes was cancelled because of the weather. Will there be a make-up class?

A: If a class is cancelled due to circumstances such as weather emergencies or power failures, every effort will be made to add a make-up class. If an additional class cannot be provided, a credit will be applied to participants’ accounts.

Q7: How do I get a refund or credit to my account if I withdraw from a program?

Clients are eligible to receive either a refund or a credit if they withdraw prior to the third class or day of the program. An $11 administration fee will be applied to your account for each program withdrawal requested per person, per program. Complete the Transfer, Withdraw & Refund Request Form and submit it via email, mail or fax. For further information about our registration policies, please contact 416-338-4386 to speak with a customer service representative.

Note: swim Leadership Programs – Withdrawals requested less than 10 days from the course start date will only receive a 50 per cent refund. Refunds will not be provided for missed classes or programs where 100 per cent attendance and active participation are mandatory.

Q8: How do I save and print receipts?

A: As of 2015, you no longer receive a mail out of your receipt. Log in to your account to view, print and save your receipt.

Q9: Am I able to transfer from one program to another?

A: Yes. Participants can transfer from one program to another if there is a space. Complete the Transfer, Withdraw & Refund Request Form and submit it via email, mail or fax. An $11 administration fee will be charged for all transfer requests.

Q10: How many recreation programs am I able to register for?

A: The City is committed to increasing access to recreation by offering a variety of free programs. We do not currently restrict the number of programs people can register in. But because City programs are in-demand, if you can’t go, let us know so the spot can be offered to someone else.

Q11: How do Welcome Policy participants receive a credit for program withdrawal?

A: Please refer to Question #7: The credit and refund policy applies to all registered clients and a subsidy is reapplied to a Welcome Policy approved account.

Q12: What is the difference between family numbers?

A: The family number is attached to a primary contact for your family account; any mail or communications related to your account will be sent to this contact.

client number is attached to each person in your family and will allow you to track account transactions for each family member.

Once you have an account, you can register for programs, check your account transactions, registration status, and print and save your receipts (they are not mailed).

Q13: Can visitors or non-residents to Toronto register for programs?

A: People who live in the city or own a residential or business property located in Toronto are considered residents and they get first priority for recreation programs.

Visitors and non-residents are welcome to register for programs, but please note the following applies:

Registration opens 10 days after the initial registration date.

  • $43 fee is applied to each program fee.
  • $88 fee is applied for each free program.

Q14: What are some tips for registering online?

  1. Do not leave your computer idling. Your session will end after 5 minutes of inactivity. After that, you will need to log in again.
  2. Your registration is not complete by just adding your choices to the cart. You need to complete the checkout process to register – even if the program is free.
  3. Use site navigation buttons (for example, Click Here, Save and Go to My Cart, Check Out, etc.) Do not use browser navigation buttons (Back, Forward, Refresh). They open new pages and will cause your open session to end.

Q15: Is my personal information secure?

A: Yes. The City of Toronto is dedicated to protecting your personal information.

Information Collection

Any personal information collected is collected under the authority of the City of Toronto Act, 2006, ss. 8, 74 & 136, and the City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 441, Fees and Charges and Chapter 608, Parks. The information is used to process your application for program participation; the registration of individuals in programs; payment of fees; the collection of outstanding fee amounts; aggregate statistical reporting, contacting clients regarding upcoming programs, and, additional mailings, including newsletters/surveys. Questions about this collection can be directed to Parks, Forestry & Recreation – Manager, Customer Service, Toronto City Hall, Fl. 1, 100 Queen St, W, Toronto, ON, M5H 2N2, or call 416-338-2581.

Registration Security

Significant measures have been taken to ensure the security of your account information and transactions. The system is thoroughly tested and uses encryption similar to e-commerce and banking transactions. The “padlock” symbol indicates data is secure and is located at the bottom of the page for “My Cart” and “My Account” selections.

If you prefer to provide payment in-person or if you do not have access to a credit card, you can go to the above civic centres or community centres to add a credit on your account. This payment can be made by cash, cheque (made out to “City of Toronto”), or major credit card (VISA, Mastercard or American Express).

If you have more questions, please contact customer service staff, we’re here to help.