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Children and youth can be active, learn new skills and make fun memories close to home at the City’s seasonal camps. Learn How to Register for Recreation Programs.

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Toronto and East York

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Museum Camp

Toronto and East York

Etobicoke York

Montgomery’s Inn, 4709 Dundas St. W.

North York

Gibson House Museum, 5172 Yonge St.


Scarborough Museum, 1007 Brimley Rd.

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How to Register

Visit How to Register for Recreation Programs for information on how to create or manage an account and ways to register for programs.

Free Programs and Subsidies

Learn about free programs and subsidies for recreation programs.

Age Requirements

  • In most cases, participants must meet the age(s) specified by the program on the program’s first day. Some programs may allow participants that are younger than the specified age to register. This is done by using an override. Prior to the registration date, contact location staff to request an override. Overrides can’t be processed on eFun.
  • Overrides are not permitted for participants under the age of six.
  • Age requirements are mandated by the Child Care and Early Years Act and by Staff to Participant ratios.

All of our CampTO programs offer fun and creative, full-day experiences. Water play or swim days may also be available depending on the location and weather conditions.

Three age groups are available:

  • Early Years – four and five years
  • Child – six to 12 years
  • Youth – 13 to 16 years


Campers will enjoy indoor and outdoor games, arts and crafts, sports and more.

This camp is offered during summer, winter holidays, PA Days and March Break.

CampTO Explore

Encompassing everything CampTO has to offer such as games, sports and arts and crafts, CampTO Explore campers will also participate in a workshop, local trip, or visit from a special guest.

This camp is offered during summer and March Break.

CampTO Plus

Campers will develop or fine-tune their skills in specialized areas of interest including visual and performing arts, sports, science, nature, and more! CampTO Plus builds on all that CampTO Explore has to offer including a workshop, a local trip or a visit from a special guest as well as participating in games, arts and crafts, and sports.

These camps are offered during summer and March Break.

CampTO Plus: Art

CampTO Plus: Arts and Nature

This camp combines the study of ecology and art. Campers will have an opportunity to explore their environment, learn about preservation, and identify wildlife and plant specimens. Campers will use their environment as a backdrop for art projects of different media including drawing, painting, relief art and sculpture.

CampTO Plus: Crafts

Campers will have the opportunity to complete a variety of craft projects that they will be able to take home at the end of the week.

CampTO Plus: Drawing and Sketching

Campers will learn the fundamentals of sketching and drawing, developing skills such as perspective and shading using values and tones.

CampTO Plus: Multi Arts

Campers will explore a variety of art mediums and artistic expressions through formal instruction such as dance, painting, sketching and drawing.

CampTO Plus: Dance Basics

Campers will explore a variety of dance including ballet, jazz, hip hop and contemporary. They will be introduced to a variety of dance techniques that focus on flexibility, strength and endurance.

CampTO Plus: Dance – Acro

Campers will learn a combination of dance and gymnastic moves choreographed to their favourite music.

CampTO Plus: Dance – Hip Hop

Campers will learn the latest hip hop dance moves and choreography. Hip Hop is a street dance that uses strong, fast, smooth, and fluid movements.

CampTO Plus: Visual Arts

Campers will explore a wide variety of art mediums and learn the secrets of painting, sketching, drawing and more.

CampTO Plus: Creative Writing

This camp is for campers who have a story to tell. There will be focus on thought organization, plot and character development.

CampTO Plus: Drama

Campers will be introduced to tableaux, role-play and improv. Campers will also learn basics in voice projection, expression, script interpretation and skits.

CampTO Plus: Music

Music camp is the perfect opportunity for young musicians to enhance their skills through formal instruction and performance. Instruments will be provided. Campers who want to learn guitar are required to bring their own.

CampTO Plus: Music Theatre

Through a mixture of dance, drama and music campers will perform on stage! Special guests may visit the camp and share their experience in the arts. Each session concludes with a performance by camp participants.

CampTO Plus: Photography

Campers will learn the basics of photography, including photo composition and basics of camera settings. Campers are required to bring their own camera. Variation: CampTO Plus: Photography with Smartphones and Tablets, campers must bring their own Smartphone or Tablet.

CampTO Plus: Cycling

For all CampTO Plus: Cycling camps, campers must bring their own CSA approved helmet and a working bicycle with a bell. Traditional camp activities like crafts, games and water play will also be enjoyed by campers.

CampTO Plus: Cycling – Beginner

Brand new riders and beginners will learn how to balance, pedal, steer and stop on a bicycle. Students remain on-site and do not ride on the street.

CampTO Plus: Cycling – Intermediate (Bike Handling Skills)

Riders will strengthen basic skills and learn how to do hand signals, shoulder checks, steering, turning and changing gears. Cycling takes place on flat surfaces and campers may ride in non-vehicular parks. No riding on any streets.

CampTO Plus: Cycling – Advanced (On the Road)

Riders learn the rules of the road, communicating with drivers, traffic theory, and bike handling skills to navigate residential roads. Guided rides take place on quiet streets.

CampTO Plus: General Interest

CampTO Plus: Circus

An introduction to the world of circus arts. Campers will learn magic, juggling, acrobatics, public speaking and performance skills. Campers will be ready for their debut under the big top.

CampTO Plus: Computers

Explore the arts and science of computers! Campers will learn about computers in a recreational setting.

CampTO Plus: Cooking

Campers will learn cooking skills, as well as the basics of nutrition and healthy eating, cooking techniques and kitchen safety.

CampTO Plus: Environmental Adventure

For campers who love to explore and connect with the outdoor environment. Activities include hiking, crafts and playing nature games.

CampTO Plus: French

Enjoy the camp experience in a French immersion setting. Campers will participate in various activities while improving their French language skills. This camp is recommended for campers with a basic knowledge of French.

CampTO Plus: Magic

Build self-confidence as campers develop performance skills and a variety of magic tricks that will amaze family and friends. Through formal instruction, campers will learn card manipulation, rope tricks, balloon sculpture and much more.

CampTO Plus: Science

Campers will discover the world of science through fun and exciting games, activities and experiments. Activities are designed to help campers investigate the properties of science.

CampTO Plus: Sports

Campers will learn the fundamentals of a variety of sports. A minimum of two hours a day will focus on developing their skills through drills, practice and play.

Variations include: Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Golf, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Racquet Sports, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field and Volleyball.

CampTO Plus: Racquet and Paddle

Campers will develop the fundamentals of tennis, pickleball and badminton. A minimum of two hours a day will be focused on developing skills such as forehand, backhand and serving.

CampTO Plus: Skateboarding

Campers will learn the basics of safe skateboarding. Participants must supply their own skateboard as well as a CSA Approved helmet, knee and elbow pads, wrist guards, and shin guards.

CampTO Plus: Swim Ultra

During this two week camp, campers will take part in small group lessons for 30 minutes a day at a City of Toronto pool based on their swimming ability. The Learn to Swim program will be followed.

Counsellor in Training

Counsellor in Training (CIT) introduces participants, ages 13 to 16 years, to the fundamentals of being a City of Toronto Camp Counsellor. CITs will learn about leadership and teamwork, creating a safe environment, ages and stages of campers, and program planning. Participants will have the opportunity to do a supervised practical placement in one of our CampTO locations.

To access Adapted and Inclusive Services (AIS) you need an AIS Membership.

Adapted CampTO

Adapted CampTO is a creative camp experience that offers modified active and quiet games, arts and crafts, as well as nature-based activities.

Adapted CampTO Explore

Adapted Camp TO Explore provides campers a chance to make friends while taking part in arts, games and sports activities. A workshop, a local trip or a visit from a special guest will add to the excitement.

Adapted CampTO Plus

Adapted CampTO Plus is a fun and creative experience. Campers will develop or fine-tune their skills in specialized areas of interest while also enjoying games, arts and sports. A workshop, a local trip or a visit from a special guest will add to the excitement.

Adapted Counsellor in Training

Adapted Counsellor in Training will introduce participants to the fundamentals of being a City of Toronto Camp Counsellor. Participants will learn about program planning and working with campers in an interactive environment. Participants will also get the opportunity to do a supervised practical placement in a City of Toronto summer camp.

This program is for 13 to 29 year olds with special needs.

Inclusive Requests

If your child needs additional support at camp, complete registration for a CampTO program and then request an Inclusive Staff by using the appropriate barcode through eFun, or by phone through Client Services, and apply for a free AIS membership by emailing or calling 416-395-6128. We aim to accommodate as many requests as possible.

We offer supervised care before and/or after camp for children registered in a City of Toronto camp program. Extended hours can vary by location. Register for extended hours on eFun.

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