Part of the City’s People & Equity Division, the Change Management Centre provides expertise on leading change management practice.

Change management is the strategy of taking a disciplined approach to helping organizations transform. The City of Toronto is committed to formalizing and standardizing change management practices that specifically focus on people as they transition from current to future states.

The Change Management Centre offers support and resources for City and agency staff managing change and its challenges in a complex and constantly evolving organization. Here are some of the services and tools offered by the Change Management Centre to help support change at the City:

Change Management Centre Services

How the Centre can help divisions seeking to implement organizational change.

Change Management Roadmap

A structured process and set of tools focusing on the people side of change to help organizations transition and achieve benefits.

If you are a City or agency employee tasked with leading or being part of a team delivering an initiative that will have an impact on how people work – or if you want to learn how organizations adapt to change – contact the Change Management Centre to see how we can assist you.