The purpose of the Change Management Centre is to help build and strengthen the City’s ability to effectively manage and sustain change for the long-term by adopting a framework and tools that are reliable and consistently used throughout the City and its agencies. This change management approach aims to increase the success of change initiatives by helping to ensure we’re measuring, achieving and maintaining the benefit of changes. Divisions interested in obtaining the Change Management Centre’s services to implement organizational change should contact the Centre to set up a consultation.

Services offered by the Change Management Centre

  1. Project Change Governance
    We help management ensure their change initiatives are designed to identify and manage the impacts on people.
  2. Leadership Alignment and Coaching
    We prepare leaders to be visible and active in their role as sponsors of change.
  3. Business Readiness
    We educate project teams and leaders about key people considerations and risks to ensure business readiness.
  4. Resource Planning and Recruitment
    We recommend how to appropriately staff projects for change management and support the recruitment and hiring of change management resources.
  5. Learning and Development
    We train and educate leaders and employees about their role in times of change. We nurture a community of change-minded individuals through a community of practice.