News Release
March 28, 2022

For the first time since 2019, Community Environment Days return as ward-based events hosted by the City of Toronto. For the past two years, Community Environment Day events have taken place at Drop-Off Depots only due to COVID-19 restrictions. The City and local Councillors will host a total of 44 in-community events this year across all 25 wards, providing residents with opportunities to drop off unwanted items for reuse, recycling and safe disposal. Community Environment Days begin this year on Saturday, April 2 and run until the end of July.

Residents can bring items such as books, sporting goods, clothing and textiles for donation, electronics such as computer monitors and cell phones for recycling, and household hazardous waste such as paint, propane tanks, solvents and glue for proper disposal.

Kitchen containers for organics are available for purchase at events this year and residents can pick up free bagged compost for their garden at each event while supplies last. The compost available at events is created from yard waste and organic material collected at the curb throughout Toronto.

In 2019, when the last ward-based events took place, approximately 1,384,200 kg of compost was picked up along with 78,867 kg of reusable household goods. 103,710 kg of electronics and 354,890 kg of household hazardous waste was collected.

In light of the success of the Community Environment Day events at Drop-Off Depots over the past two years, the City is also planning to hold seven events at Drop-Off Depots later in 2022.

Find more information about Community Environments Days, a full list of acceptable items and an event schedule at


“I am pleased to see the return of Community Environment Day events to our local wards. These events help keep items out of landfill and offer a way for residents to dispose of household goods, electronics or hazardous waste in their own community. I encourage residents to come out to these Community Environment Days and help us safely dispose of household hazardous waste and other unwanted items.”
– Mayor John Tory

“For the first time in two years, Community Environment Days are back as ward-based events and I encourage all residents of Toronto to take full advantage of this opportunity to do some spring cleaning in an environmentally conscientious way.”
– Councillor Jennifer McKelvie (Scarborough-Rouge Park), Chair of Infrastructure and Environment Committee

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