On September 4, 2018, Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 519, “Infill Construction, Public Notice” takes effect. This new bylaw is a key component of the City’s Residential Infill Strategy. The bylaw requires that all residential infill construction and demolition sites post a public notice containing key information about the project.

The Residential Infill Strategy is a comprehensive city-wide initiative established to proactively address issues associated with construction and demolition of residential buildings in Toronto’s neighbourhoods.

As part of the strategy, the public notice is intended to improve communication with the public and act as a “gateway” to real time information on the project, available on the City’s website. The notice is also intended to provide clarity about the City’s bylaws and support good construction practices.

A Public Notice is required for any permit for demolition and/or construction in any of the following scenarios:

  • the construction of a new detached or semi-detached house on a vacant lot;
  • the demolition of an existing house and construction of a replacement new house;
  • the demolition of an existing house where there is no proposed construction of areplacement new house;
  • the construction of an addition or additions to an existing house where the combined total area of the additions is 100 square metres or more

Toronto Building must be provided with project -specific information about their demolition and/or construction project, to be used on the infill sign notice, including:

  • The site address
  • A description of the project
  • Name and Contact Information of the Owner and Builder
  • Information related to any decisions of the:
    • Committee of Adjustment
    • Toronto Local Appeal Body
    • Local Planning Appeal Tribunal or Ontario Municipal Board
  • A rendering of the building as it is expected to look following completion:
    • Front and Rear elevations, submitted as black-and-white line drawings
    • Renderings must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi

The information above is submitted to Toronto Building using the Infill Public Notice Declaration form, which may be submitted with your permit application.

Toronto Building will then prepare and provide applicants with an electronic file containing a print-ready notice in PDF format.

The print-ready PDF file of the Public Notice must be printed by the builder or property owner and posted on the residential infill site.

No changes or additions to the content of the notice are permitted.

Printing Requirements:

Final Size: 0.61m (24”) wide x 0.46m (18”) high

Stock: Coroplast or corrugated polypropylene plastic

Infill Public Notice Example
Please note: This is an example of a construction notice only. Depending on the residential infill project you will be required to erect a demolition notice and/or a construction notice

For demolition sites:

The notice must be posted at least 5 business days before demolition starts.

For construction sites:

The notice must be posted within 5 business days of construction starting.

  • To ensure that the notice is easily read, it must be placed at the front of the site, facing the street. It can be freestanding, or fixed to the construction fence not less than 0.61m (2 ft) from the ground.
  • For demolitions, one notice is required for each lot line of a property facing a street.
  • Within 24 hours of installing the notice, a picture must be sent to the appropriate Toronto Building District Inspection offices:
    North York:
    Etobicoke York:
    Toronto & East York:
  • The notice is required to be maintained while work is taking place.
  • The demolition notice can be removed when the demolition work is completed.
  • The construction notice cannot be removed until an occupancy permit has been issued.

For further details or clarification, please refer to the the full text of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 519, “Infill Construction, Public Notice”.