Toronto is in a province-wide shutdown and subject to a Stay-at-Home order. As per provincial regulations, personal service settings personal service settings including hair salons, barber shops, nail salons and tattoo parlours must remain closed.

Please note: New applications for new body rub parlour locations are not being accepted. Application requirements are shared for reference purposes only.

Body rub parlours are any place where non-medical or non-therapeutic massaging services are provided by someone other than registered massage therapists, or other licensed or registered holistic practitioners.

Those who own or operate body rub parlours are required to have a Body Rub Parlour licence. Those who provide services are required to obtain a Body Rubber licence.

Body Rub Parlour Licence

A licence is required to operate a body rub parlour.

Body Rubber Licence

Those who provide services are required to obtain a body rubber licence.