Request a Designate Mailer

If you are currently enrolled in our Pre-Authorized Utility Payment (PUP) program and you wish to complete and submit a Designate Mailing Request Form to have an agent receive the utility bills from the City, your enrolment in the PUP program will be cancelled.

Property Owner

  • If your designate is receiving the utility bill, you still remain responsible for the full payment of all utility bills.
  • You are responsible for keeping the City informed of any changes to a designate (i.e. new tenant/agent). You must complete a Designate Mailing Request form whenever a designate changes.
  • Your designated agent is appointed by you to receive utility bills and notices, make payments and grant the City access to the property for purposes relating to the provisions of water and sewer, and solid waste management services.

Designate (Tenant or Agent)

You are required to remain up-to-date with your utility bill payments. If you do not pay a utility bill by the due date:

  • you will lose the early payment discount
  • the City may transfer the unpaid balance to the property owner’s tax account for collection, and apply a fee – overdue utility amounts added to the tax roll
  • the remaining unpaid utility bill amount may be transferred to the property tax account for collection, and your Designate Mailing Request will be cancelled.

The City also reserves the right to cancel this Utility Bill Designate Mailing Request for any reason and at any time.

Review the Designate Mailing Request Form for more program terms and conditions.

You must submit a Designate Mailing Request Form as the City will not accept any other forms of consent (written or otherwise) from either the property owner(s) or the individual designated to receive the Utility Bill.

You can submit your form to the City by fax or by mail:

City of Toronto
Revenue Services
PO Box 4500, STN A
Toronto, ON M5W 4J1
Fax: 416-696-4231 (refer to Tips on Faxing)