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Costs of Leaks

If you have a leak, your water use will increase and remain elevated until it is fixed. This will affect your water consumption charges and result in a higher utility bill. See how much they cost.

Water Service Pipe Leak

A continuous leak from a hole in a water service pipe can waste water in the amounts shown below:

Size of Hole Amount and Cost of Water Wasted
Circle to represent hole that is 1/16 inches in size    1/16″ hole Wastes 3.57 m³ (3,570 litres) in 24 hours
Cost: $14.76/day or $1,771.26 in 120 days
Circle to represent hole that is 1/8 inches in size    1/8″ hole Wastes 14 m³ (14,000 litres) in 24 hours:
Cost: $57.88/day or $6,946.13 in 120 days
 Circle to represent hole that is 3/16 inches in size   3/16″ hole Wastes 32.13 m³ (32,130 litres) in 24 hours:
Cost: $132.84/day or $15,941.36 in 120 days

Toilet Leak

A leaky toilet can waste up to 600+ cubic metres a month or 20 cubic metres a day:

Amount of Wasted Water Cost of Wasted Water
20 m³ (20,000 litres) $82.92/day
600 m³ (600,000 litres) $2,487.60/month

How to Check if You Have a Leak

  1. Log onto MyWaterToronto: MyWaterToronto is an online tool that allows you to track your water use by day, week, month or year. To get started, visit MyWaterToronto and enter your utility account information.
  1. Watch your Meter Dial: The face of the water meter features a red triangle that spins as water flows through the meter. To check for leaks, turn off all indoor and outdoor faucets and observe the meter. Any movement of the red triangle while not using any water may indicate the presence of a water leak in your system. You may wish to contact a plumber to investigate further.
  1. Conduct a Dye Test on your Toilet: Toilets are a common cause of leaks. To check for leaks, place food colouring or dye test tablets (available at home improvement stores) in the tank at the back of your toilet. Do not flush. Wait and observe for 10-15 minutes. If colour seeps into the toilet bowl, you have a leak.