Log on to view your water use anytime, including total and average water use by day, week, month or year in an easy-to-read graph or chart format. 


Using MyWaterToronto

  • View your total and average water use by day, week, month or year in easy-to-read graph or chart format.
  • Look for leaks and become more aware of your water use habits.
  • View your utility account information and details of your billings.

Information to Log-on

  • Account Number and Client Number as it appears on your utility bill
  • Last name or business name as it appears on your bill
  • Postal code of the utility service location listed on your bill
  • Method of your most recent payment

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How is my water use calculated?

Water use is based on readings from your automated water meter, which sends water use data directly to the City for reading and billing purposes. Small, residential meters send water use data directly to the City every six hours, whereas large accounts that use more water (i.e. commercial, multi-residential) send water meter readings to the City every hour.

Why can’t I see my water use from today?

Since most meters only send data four times a day, the data is uploaded to MyWaterToronto every 24 hours, causing a one day delay. If you are looking for information on today’s water use, please visit the tool again tomorrow.

How much water does the average household use?

In 2020, the average household of three people used 230 m3 (cubic meters) per year which is equivalent to 630 litres of water per day.

If you are using more than this amount and have an unexplained increase in your water use, you may have a leak in your private plumbing system. You may also wish to look at your water use behaviour, as well as the appliances and fixtures in your home. Get tips on how to save water at work, home and in the garden.

How do I know if I have a leak in my system?

If you have a leak in your system, you will see your water use increase and remain elevated until the leak is fixed. If you suspect that you have a leak, you can check by turning off your indoor and outdoor water use, and looking at the face of your water meter. If the small red triangle is turning, this means that you are continuing to use water and likely have a leak. Learn how to check for leaks.

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