Reducing single-use and takeaway items supports the City’s Long Term Waste Management Strategy and aspirational goals of a zero waste future and circular economy. A circular economy aims to reduce waste and maximize resources by moving away from the linear take-make-and-dispose approach to an innovative system that focuses on product longevity, renewability, reuse and repair.

Single-use and takeaway items require valuable resources and energy to produce, collect and dispose of and often end up in landfill or as litter, which can pose risks to the environment, animals and people. By reducing the distribution of single-use items, such as utensils, straws, stir sticks, condiment packets, napkins, and beverage takeout trays, businesses can reduce their environment impact.

The purpose of this directory is to connect businesses with service providers that can help them reduce waste.

The businesses included in this directory are located in Toronto. As qualified Reducing Single-Use program participants, these Service Providers are working to eliminate the unnecessary use of single-use and takeaway items by providing Food Retail and Non-Food Retail businesses with an innovative business solution or a service that is already helping other businesses reduce single-use waste.

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Service providers that would like to be listed in this directory can complete the Reducing Single-Use program application to be considered as program participants. If you identify an error or have a concern with the directory, please contact the Reducing Single-Use program.

Name of Service Provider Deposit-Return System for Reusable Items Reuse System
Details Hot/cold beverage cups Beverage bottles Food containers Returns provided reusable containers Delivers food/beverages in reusable containers
Circulr No No No Yes Yes
Friendlier Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Inwit No No No Yes Yes
Saponetti No No No Yes No
Suppli No No No Yes Yes
Sustainables Canada Inc. (CASE) No No No Yes No