Register your business and receive City collection services.


Small commercial businesses such as retail, green grocer’s and restaurants must meet eligibility criteria and complete an application in order to receive City collection services.

Approved customers must purchase City Garbage Tags or subscribe to garbage bin collection service. The City of Toronto has discontinued the sale of yellow garbage bags. Garbage Tags are available for purchase online and at Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart and Canadian Tire locations.

City services include collection of garbage, Blue Bin recycling and Green Bin organics. Businesses must make their own arrangements for disposal of large furniture, appliances, electronic waste, yard waste and any hazardous waste.


Criteria New applicants
Building ground floor area less than 500m² and less than 4 stories
At least 1/3 of space is residential (no size restriction) and less than 4 stories
Building ground floor area greater than 500m² and no residential component Not Eligible
Industrial (property code in the 500 series) Not Eligible


You must apply to participate in the Garbage Tag Program if:

  • You currently do not have City collection but want to begin receiving it
  • Information about your business, building and/or ownership has changed.