After a snowfall, all on-road bikeways are salted and/or plowed at about the same time as the adjacent road, based on the levels of service. The table below indicates the criteria for clearing based on road categories.

Cycling Facility Levels of Service Highlights

Road Category When does the City start plowing? How many hours does it take to complete salting and plowing after the end of a snowfall (from 5 cm to 25 cm)?
Martin Goodman Trail (Humber Bay Arch Bridge to Ashbridges Bay) 5.0 cm and still snowing 6-8 hours
Cycle Tracks* 5.0 cm and still snowing 6-8 hours
Priority Bicycle Lanes
(east-west & north-south)*
5.0 cm and still snowing As per road classification. Full removal within 48 – 72 hours when required to achieve bare pavement.
Bicycle lanes, contra-flow and sharrows on Arterial Roads and Streetcar Routes* 5.0 cm and still snowing 6-14 hours
Bicycle lanes, contra-flow and sharrows on Collector Roads, Bus Routes and Hills* 5.0 cm and still snowing 8-16 hours

*For storms up to 5 cm, these bikeways are salted to a higher level of service as the road to which they are on or adjacent.

Please call 311 or visit to report a route that is not cleared after the timeframe specified above. If you have a question regarding general snow removal from cycling routes, please email

The City’s standards for snow plowing, salting and snow removal are outlined in a 2014 Staff Report adopted by Toronto’s Public Works Committee, which proposed winter maintenance improvements to create a network of cycling snow routes.

See the Cycling Network Map for updated bikeways in Toronto.

Please see the list of Winter Maintained Paths/Roads throughout the city’s parks.