The City clears 776 km of bikeways and major trails across the city of ice and snow each winter.

See the Cycling Network Map for updated bikeways in Toronto or a list of winter maintained paths and roads in parks.

To request winter maintenance of a bikeway or trail in Toronto, please submit a Service Request to 311. 

Cycle Track & Multi-use Path Clearing

Winter maintenance of cycle tracks (also known as separated bike lanes) and multi-use paths is activated when 2 cm of snow accumulates. It takes eight hours to plow each round. It may take multiple rounds of clearing to clear a cycle track or multi-use path after snowfall.

Bike Lane Clearing

On road bicycle lanes are salted at about the same time as the adjacent road, when snow begins to accumulate. They are also plowed based on the level of service for the road type:

Bike Lane Location When does the City start salting? When does the City start plowing? How many hours does it take to plow each round?*
Major roads, transit routes and streets with hills When snow first accumulates 5 cm 6 hours
Residential streets When snow first accumulates 8 cm 14 hours

*It may take multiple rounds to clear a bike lane due to ongoing snowfall.