There are many things to do in Toronto in winter. From outdoor activities to exploring the city, there are plenty of ways to have fun and stay active in the colder months.

Find parks with winter-maintained pathways.

The City provides winter maintenance on select pathways across the city, including more than 250 parks and recreation locations and approximately 270 km of park pathways, trails and park roads. This year, the City will clear snow at 40 additional park locations. These pathways provide residents with an opportunity for longer walks during the winter months.

  • Most winter-maintained pathways are cleared of snow within 24 hours of snowfall, after 8 cm of accumulation. Paved recreational trails are cleared after 48 hours of snowfall.
  • Salting occurs within 24 to 48 hours of snow clearing.

The City is unable to maintain all pathways in all parks during the winter due to factors including the type of surface material and whether the pathway is located in an Environmentally Significant Area.

Areas in the City’s golf courses are unmaintained and marked as snow loops for walking and snowshoeing.

Centennial Park Ski and Snowboard Centre will not operate this year. Instead, the City is offering a variety of new, affordable programs and free events at Centennial Park over the 2022/2023 winter season.

  • Free, all-ages Celebrating Black History Month event on
    • February 24, 2023 from 6 to 8 p.m.
    • February 25, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • In addition to the existing tobogganing area at Centennial Park, a new designated area is being added to the lower portion of the main hill
  • Leisure Skating at Centennial Park Arena

Recreation Programs

Registration began December 6, 2022. Find out how to register for recreation programs. Fees may apply.

For ages six to 12

  • Ski Chalet Holiday CampTO from December 27, 2022 to January 6, 2023 – registration has started!
  • Winter Wonderland workshop on January 21, 2023 from 10 a.m. to noon
  • Game of Valentines workshop on February 11, 2023 from 10 a.m. to noon
  • March Break Camps from March 13 to 17, 2023:
    • Centennial Ski Chalet CampTO
    • CampTO Plus Hockey

For ages four to 12

Family Day Weekend workshops will include a variety of activities, both inside and outside.

  • February 18 and 19, 2023
  • 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Caregivers must attend

For more information about Centennial Winter Weekend programming, call 416-394-8787. Requests for accommodation can be made by calling the Adapted and Inclusive Recreation Hotline at 416-395-6128.

This winter, walk, snowshoe or cross-country ski at four City golf courses. Seven snow loops are available with loops ranging from 1 to 2.5 km to explore and enjoy:

Public washrooms are available in golf course buildings.

City golf courses are accessible by TTC.

Etobicoke York

Centennial Park – Etobicoke

Located slightly west of Renforth Drive and north of Rathburn Road, this 213-hectare park is the largest park in Toronto.

  • Multiple paved, winter-maintained pathways
  • One public washroom building on the west side of the stadium
  • Three portable toilets located at Picnic Sites 1, 6, and 8
  • Multiple parking lots

Centennial Park – Etobicoke offers an outdoor fitness area, several playgrounds, a number of ponds for wildlife viewing and more.

Chalkfarm Park, Heathrow Park and Giovanni Caboto Park

Chalkfarm Park, Heathrow Park and Giovanni Caboto Park are located north of Wilson Avenue, on both sides of Jane Street. Follow the Black Creek from the north end of Chalkfarm Park through Heathrow Park to the eastern edge of Giovanni Caboto Park.

  • A paved, winter-maintained pathway follows the Black Creek through all three parks
  • Public washrooms available at the Chalkfarm Community Centre
  • One small parking lot at the Chalkfarm Community Centre
  • Playgrounds at all three parks
  • Tennis courts and outdoor fitness equipment at Chalkfarm Park

Humber Bay Park East and Humber Bay Park West

Humber Bay Park East and Humber Bay Park West are located at the southern end of Park Lawn Road, on the shores of Lake Ontario.

  • The main park road leading to each parking lot is winter-maintained
  • Non-paved pathways and paved pathways close to the lake are not winter-maintained
  • Portable washrooms available in both parks
  • Five parking lots across both parks
  • A dogs off-leash area in Humber Bay Park West

The winds can be cold and strong as they blow in off the lake, so make sure you dress appropriately.

North York

Earl Bales Park and Hinder Area

Earl Bales Park and Hinder Area are located on the east side of Bathurst Street at Sheppard Avenue West.

  • Multiple winter-maintained park roads and pathways
  • Public washrooms are available at the Earl Bales Community Centre
  • Four parking lots in Earl Bales Park and one parking lot in the Hinder Area
  • Three playgrounds and a dogs off-leash area in Earl Bales Park
  • Bird watching opportunities at both parks. The Hinder Area is a part of an extensive forested ravine system that helps support wildlife in the area

Edwards Gardens

Edwards Gardens is located at the corner of Lawrence Avenue East and Leslie Street.

  • Multiple winter-maintained walkways. Some may be in Environmentally Significant Areas and will not be winter-maintained
  • Public washrooms available in the park and at the Toronto Botanical Gardens
  • One large parking lot
  • Horticultural displays along the winter-maintained paths
  • Wildlife viewing opportunities, where the area is a part of the Don River West Branch

G. Ross Lord Park

G. Ross Lord Park is a large park located along Dufferin Street between Finch Avenue and Steeles Avenue. Walk east along the winter-maintained trails to Harryetta Gardens Park to continue your walk north along winter-maintained walkways to Steeles Avenue.

  • Four kilometres of winter-maintained walkways that connect the parking lots
  • A public washroom is on the east side of the main parking lot, in the sports pavilion
  • Portable washroom is available on the west side
  • Five parking lots
  • Dogs off-leash area

Finch Recreational Trail

This paved walking/cycling trail is located within a hydro corridor between Norfinch Drive in Etobicoke York to Talbot Road, west of Yonge Street.

Sunnybrook Park, Wilket Creek Park and E.T. Seton Park

Sunnybrook Park, Wilket Creek Park and E.T. Seton Park are located in the Eglinton Avenue East and Leslie Street area.

  • Five kilometres of winter-maintained park roads from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre to Overlea Boulevard. Some walkways in the northern part of Wilket Creek Park are part of an Environmentally Significant Area and are not winter-maintained
  • Parking lots and public washrooms are in Sunnybrook Park and Wilket Creek Park
  • Wildlife viewing opportunities, where the area is a part of the Don River West Branch


Birkdale Ravine, Thomson Memorial Park, Bendale Park, Hague Park and Cedar Brook Park

Take a walk along the West Highland Creek through Birkdale Ravine, Thomson Memorial Park, Bendale Park, Hague Park and Cedar Brook Park.

  • Five kilometres of winter-maintained pathway from the Birkdale Community Centre to Cedarbrook Community Centre
  • Public washrooms are in Thomson Memorial Park and Cedarbrook Community Centre
  • Parking lots along the route, including at:
    • Birkdale Community Centre
    • Thomson Memorial Park
    • Cedarbrook Community Centre
  • Dogs off-leash area at Thomson Memorial Park
  • Outdoor fitness equipment and playgrounds along route

Bluffer’s Park

Bluffer’s Park is located at the southern end of Brimley Road, next to the shores of Lake Ontario.

  • Gravel or dirt walkways are not winter-maintained
  • Public washrooms on the west side of the park
  • Three large parking lots
  • Viewing opportunities of Scarborough Bluffs

Finch Recreational Trail

This paved pathway/cycling trail in a hydro corridor is located east of L’Amoreaux Sports Complex, between Silver Star Boulevard and Middlefield Road.

Gatineau Hydro Corridor

This part of the Meadoway is located between Victoria Park Avenue and Scarborough Golf Club Road.

  • Nine kilometres of winter-maintained paved pathway
    • Unpaved pathway is not winter-maintained between Kennedy Road and Brimley RoadSide roads can be used instead
    • Part of the trail between Crockford Boulevard and Birchmount Avenue is under construction and has a short detour
  • Public washrooms in Thomson Memorial Park
  • Parking is available along the route

The Meadoway is a stretch of urban greenspace and meadowlands that connects downtown Toronto to Rouge National Urban Park.

Milliken Park

Milliken Park is located at the southeast corner of Steeles Avenue East and McCowan Road.

Port Union Village Common Park

Port Union Village Common Park is located along the shores of Lake Ontario at the east end of Scarborough.

  • Less than one kilometre of winter-maintained, paved pathway from the main entrance. Non-winter-maintained trails can extend 2.5 kilometres to Rouge Beach Park or two kilometres to the winter-maintained parking lot in Eastpoint Park. Ice can build up near the shore so proceed with caution.
  • Portable washroom available near the entrance
  • No parking lot at Port Union Village Common Park
  • Small playground

Toronto East York

High Park

Located near Bloor Street West and Parkside Drive, High Park is an Environmentally Significant Area with interesting plants and animals to see.

  • Paved walkways and roads are winter-maintained, including the east side of Grenadier Pond. Non-paved pathways are not winter-maintained
  • Public washroom buildings and portable washrooms throughout the park
  • Many parking lots available, except during car-free weekends
  • Subway stop on the north side of the park
  • Multiple playgrounds
  • Two skating rinks
  • Dogs off-leash area
  • Horticultural displays along winter-maintained paths
  • Open spaces for winter and snow activities

Kew Gardens and the east Martin Goodman Trail

Kew Gardens is located south of Queen Street East along Lee Avenue in the Beach neighbourhood.

Kew Gardens has:

  • A winter-maintained pathway loop around the park
  • Public washrooms located near the outdoor ice rink
  • No parking
  • Dog off-leash area on the beach

The Martin Goodman Trail heads east or west from Kew Gardens and has:

Toronto Island Park

Toronto Island Park includes Ward’s Island, Hanlan’s Point and Centre Island. All ferries go to and from Ward’s Island only during the off-season. Check the Toronto Island Ferry Schedule for details about travelling to and from the island when planning your trip.

There is no heated shelter and very limited shelter options in the winter, so dress appropriately.

Trinity Bellwoods Park

Trinity Bellwoods Park is located at the north end of Strachan Avenue, between Queen Street West and Dundas Street West.

  • Most walkways are winter-maintained
  • Two public washrooms
  • One parking lot at Trinity Bellwoods Park
  • Dogs off-leash area
  • Outdoor fitness equipment
  • Playground
  • Skating rink
  • Tennis courts

Withrow Park

Withrow Park is located just south of Danforth Avenue between Logan Avenue and Carlaw Avenue.

  • All pathways are winter-maintained
  • Public washrooms at Withrow Park and Clubhouse
  • No parking lots are available
  • Outdoor fitness equipment
  • Playground
  • Skating rink
  • Tennis courts