Under current provincial lockdown measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, indoor recreation facilities and arenas are closed. Staff will contact program participants to advise of impacts and cancellations.

To prevent the further spread of COVID-19, the City of Toronto is cancelling all December Learn-to-Skate and 2021 Instructional Ski programs.

There is a 25-person limit for outdoor ice rinks. Change rooms and lockers are unavailable. Stay up-to-date on all changes to City services by visiting COVID-19: Changes to City Services.

Whether you want to learn to skate or pick up some hockey skills, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Programs run throughout the year. Find out how to register for recreation programs.

Helmet Requirement

All participants in instructional skate programs must wear a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved hockey helmets. Parents/caregivers are to remain at the facility during lessons.

Learn to Skate programs are available for everyone. Our five-tiered curriculum encourages learning at any level at a comfortable pace.

Prerequisites: For each program, the description will list any prerequisites. Proof may be requested before starting a program.



  • All participants in these programs must wear a CSA approved hockey helmet with all helmet straps.
  • Participants under 6 years of age must also wear a full face mask.

Recommended: Mouth guards and neck guards are strongly recommended for all participants.

Hockey Skills programs are a great way to improve skills from Learn to Skate lessons.

Prerequisites: if a prerequisite is required for a program, it will be listed in the program description. Proof may be requested before starting a program.


Preschool, Child and Youth Hockey Programs


  • CSA approved hockey helmet with full face mask
  • neck guard
  • gloves
  • hockey stick
  • skates

Recommended: full equipment

Adult Hockey Programs


  • CSA approved hockey helmet
  • hockey stick
  • skates

Recommended: full equipment

Power Skating Programs


  • CSA approved hockey helmet
    • participants under 13 years of age must have a full face mask
  • hockey gloves
  • hockey stick
  • skates

Recommended: full face guard for participants 13 years and up.

Goalie Skills Program

Mandatory: full goalie equipment

The City offers beginner Figure Skating lessons to children and youth at several locations. Participants are introduced to the various elements of figure skating including spins, jumps, footwork, dance and music choreography.

Prerequisites: Participants must have completed the Learn to Skate Level 4 or have equivalent skating experience.

Proper fitting lace-up single blade skates are required. A guideline for buying skates is to look for skates one size smaller than shoe size. New skates aren’t sharpened and will need sharpening before the first class.

Wear warm comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, like water-resistant pants, non-bulky jackets and warm gloves.

Not allowed on the ice:

  • bike helmets
  • bobskates
  • broken helmets
  • double bladed skates
  • speed skates
  • shoes
  • shorts
  • utility helmets

The sport of Sledge Hockey was designed for people with physical disabilities, typically below the waist, to play the game of ice hockey. This program is for participants who have special needs and no or limited Sledge Hockey experience.

For more information, see Accessible Recreation or call the Adapted & Integrated Unit at 416-397-4923.