Specifications & Drawings

The City of Toronto has specifications and drawings for soil cells that identify performance criteria that should be considered and satisfied when choosing a soil cell product for installation in the right-of-way.

Special attention should be paid to project-specific utility concerns, their integration including utility access and repair, the feasibility of full restoration in relation to traffic loads and the continuity of the soil trench system. The rationale for each criteria and suggested modification based on experience to date.


As-builts, including detailed description and quantification of the performance objectives of the soil cells within a defined project, criteria 3 must be provided by the Contractor to the City Project Manager upon construction completion.

Private/Public Property Delineation

Where soil cells are proposed on both private and public property, it is essential that a soil cell unit including any drainage or aeration piping not straddle the property line to enable future repairs/excavation on either side without impacting the adjacent property.