In the Road Classification System Update, dated March 26, 2018 the Transportation Services Division recommended that the City of Toronto Road Classification System be updated by incorporating the changes contained in Appendix 2 entitled Road Classification Update – Table of Changes. The table contained in Appendix 1, entitled Road Classification Criteria, approved by City Council at its meeting of February 29 and March 1 and 2, 2000 was used to designate every street into one of these five classifications.

City Council, at its meeting of April 24, 25, 26 and 27, 2018, approved the changes in the Road Classification System. The update of the Road Classification System with the recommended changes will ensure that the City’s road network will continue to function efficiently and safely and be properly operated and managed.

The updated Road Classification System is reflected in the City- wide and individual Ward maps and classification of city Streets Lists are now available on-line.

The table below illustrates the total kilometres of road for each road classification for the City-wide road network. The lengths represent centreline kilometres and includes all roads and associated ramps for each road classification and is based on the Toronto Centreline (April 2017) road network and includes the April 2018 City Council approved updates.


Road Class Total
City Expressway 129 km
Major Arterial 760 km
Minor Arterial 415 km
Collector 771 km
Local 3,322 km
Total 5,397 km


For additional information on City Council’s adopted Road Classification System and historical changes to the Road Classification System, please refer to Toronto’s Road Classification System – Summary Document.