Historical Background

City Council, at its meeting of February 29 and March 1 and 2, 2000, adopted a new Road Classification System to consolidate and replace the various road classification systems inherited from Toronto’s seven former municipalities. The Transportation Services Division, through its consultation with staff, Councillors and the public was able to develop the Road Classification System, which is described in the document entitled City of Toronto’s Road Classification System – Summary Document.

This document provides background information, the purpose, and development of the road classification system. It includes a brief description of each of the five road classifications. Also, the document describes the traffic operation and road operation policies in conjunction with Road Classification System and makes recommendations regarding the respective roles of Community Councils and standing committees in dealing with these policies.

Two tables are included in the document. Table 1 – Road Classification Criteria is a summary of the characteristics of the different road classes and has been developed to guide the classification of roads. Table 2 – Revised Road and Traffic Operations Decision Routing identifies the mechanism for City Council to consider various traffic issues in the context of road classification. The policies, decision routing and individual road classifications which comprise the road classification system came into effect with the 2001 City Council.

Historical and Supporting Documentation

Other supporting and historical documentation can be found below.