The Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) program provides an advanced walk signal so that pedestrians begin to cross the street before vehicles get a green signal. The purpose of LPI is to provide pedestrians an advantage over turning vehicles at intersections where it is determined that pedestrians, wishing to enter the crosswalk, were being hindered by aggressive right turns. The LPI is used to improve motorist yielding behaviour toward pedestrians in a crosswalk. The LPI is particularly helpful for older pedestrians, as they may take longer to occupy the crosswalk following the start of a “walk” indication, making them less obvious to turning motorists.


The Leading Pedestrian Phase has been initiated at the following intersections:

Last Updated: January 11, 2019

Intersection District
Eglinton Ave & Redpath Ave Toronto and East York
Lawrence Ave & Barrymore Rd Scarborough
Markham Rd & Brimorton Dr Scarborough
St Clair Ave W & Mondovi Gt Etobicoke
Church St & Shuter St Toronto and East York
Church St & Gerrard St Toronto and East York
Queen St & University Ave Toronto and East York
Avenue Rd & Balmoral Ave Toronto and East York
Kingston Rd & Birchcliff Ave Scarborough
Kingston Rd & Warden Ave Scarborough
Kingston Rd & Fallingbrook Rd Scarborough
Bathurst St & Nina St Toronto and East York
Bloor St & High Park Rd Toronto and East York
Bloor St & Runnymede Rd Toronto and East York
Broadview Ave & Gerrard St Toronto and East York
Lawrence Ave & Burnview Crescent Scarborough
Danforth Ave & Variety Village Scarborough
Lawrence Ave & Curlew Dr / Railside Rd North York
Lawrence Ave & Greencedar Circt Scarborough
Lawrence Ave & Chatsworth Dr North York
Queen St & Jones Ave Toronto and East York
Keele St & Gulliver Rd Etobicoke
Don Mills Rd & Van Horne Ave North York
Coxwell Ave & Sammon Ave Toronto and East York
Coxwell Ave & Mortimer Ave Toronto and East York
Pape Ave & Cosburn Ave Toronto and East York
Bathurst St & Drewry Ave North York
Islington Ave & Norseman St Etobicoke
Sheppard Ave & Faywood Blvd North York
Marlee Ave & Glencairn Ave North York
Dufferin St & Wenderly Dr North York
Islington Ave & Jutland Rd Etobicoke
Bathurst St & Vesta Ave North York
Ellesmere Rd & Dormington Ave Scarborough
Bathurst St & Baycrest Ave North York
Church St & Gould St Toronto and East York
Lawrence Ave & Greencrest Circt Scarborough

Lawrence  Ave & 245m E of Greenbrae Crct

(Cedarbrae Mall West Access)

Davenport Rd & Laughton Ave Toronto and East York
Davenport Rd & Spadina Ave Toronto and East York
Kennedy Rd & Munham Gate Scarborough
Martin Grove Rd & John Garland Blvd Etobicoke
Bayview Ave & Bayview Mews Lane North York
Lawrence Ave & Collingsgrove Rd Scarborough
Kipling Ave & Mount Olive Dr Etobicoke
Davenport Rd & Symington Ave Toronto and East York
Sheppard Ave & Bay Mills Blvd Scarborough
Renforth Dr & Eringate Dr Etobicoke
Eglinton Ave & Dunfield Ave North York
Neilson Rd & Tapscott Rd Scarborough
Morningside Ave & N of Beath St Scarborough
Lawrence Ave & Bolingbroke Rd. North York
Yonge St & Queens Quay Toronto and East York
Ellesmere Rd & Mondeo Dr Scarborough
Wilson Ave & Julian Rd North York

Don Mills Rd & 300m S/O Lawrence Ave

(D.M. Shopping Centre)

North York
Neilson Rd & 175m N of Tapscott Rd Scarborough
Kipling Ave & Genthorn Ave Etobicoke
Royal York Rd & Newcastle St Etobicoke
Dundas St & Mabelle Ave Etobicoke
Sheppard Ave E. & Barberry Pl./Bayview Village Mall North York
Bloor St & Brock Rd Toronto and East York
Humber College Blvd & Windwood Dr Etobicoke
Bayview Ave & Kilgour Rd (CNIB Access) North York
Shoreham Dr & Murray Ross Pkwy Etobicoke
Dupont St & Howland Ave Toronto and East York
Queen St & St Patrick St Toronto and East York
Weston Rd & Habitant Dr Etobicoke
Weston Rd & Birdstone Crct Toronto and East York
Finch Ave & Edithvale Dr North York
Markham Rd & Markanna Dr Scarborough
Humber College Blvd & Westmore Dr Etobicoke
Keele St & Victory Dr North York
Wilson Ave & Agate Rd North York
Sentinel Rd & Cook Rd North York
Steeles Ave & Gihon Spring Dr Etobicoke
The East Mall & Yarn Rd Etobicoke
Jane St & Hullmar Dr Etobicoke
McNicoll Ave & Milliken Blvd Scarborough
Wellesley St & Homewood Ave Toronto and East York


More intersections will be identified for leading pedestrian intervals in the future.