The Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit (ECLRT) project is a rapid transit line between Kennedy Station in the east and Mount Dennis Station in the west. The ECLRT will be integrated as part of Toronto’s transit system, as Line 5 Eglinton.

For more information about the project, or to find information about past and future public engagement, please visit the Metrolinx’s Eglinton Crosstown LRT project page.

The ECLRT project has 25 stations and stops that will link to over 50 bus routes, three existing subway stations and various GO Transit lines. Metrolinx has ownership of the ECLRT and is delivering the project. The TTC will be responsible for the operation of the line.


A map depicting the 25 station stops of the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit project that will operate from east to west along Eglinton Avenue from Kennedy Station to Mount Dennis Station.
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Construction of the ECLRT is underway and is expected to reach substantial completion in the near future. Once substantial construction is complete the ECLRT will undergo testing and final preparations before the line comes into service. Additional information on construction progress is available on Metrolinx’s website.