A detailed map of the City of Toronto and neighbouring towns and cities depicting existing and future rapid transit network plans including subways, light rail, bus rapid and heavy rail transit lines. The map displays lines and stations, as well as transit hubs, that are existing, under procurement and construction, preliminary design and in development as of September 2022.
Existing and future rapid transit network. View larger map

There are several transit expansion projects currently underway in Toronto, at varying phases of planning, design and construction. Collectively these projects will enhance the rapid transit network in the city and provide seamless mobility options. Expansion of our transit system needs to support Toronto to:

  • serve people;
  • strengthen places;
  • support accessibility; and,
  • meet climate change goals.

Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit

Metrolinx LRT line between Kennedy Station in the east and Mount Dennis Station in the west across 19 killometres.

Eglinton Crosstown West Extension

Metrolinx extension of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT (Line 5), spanning 9.2 kilometres, from Mount Dennis Station to Renforth Station.

Eglinton East Light Rail Transit

The future Line 7, a proposed 18-kilometre LRT in Scarborough with stops from Kennedy Station, through the University of Toronto Scarborough and Malvern.

Finch West Light Rail Transit

Metrolinx 11-kilometre LRT project along Finch Avenue West between Keele Street and Humber College.

GO Expansion Program

Metrolinx GO Expansion Program is a multi-year investment by the Provincial Government in GO Rail service improvements.

SmartTrack Stations Program

The SmartTrack Stations Program will add five stations, leveraging existing heavy rail transit infrastructure to transform a regional commuter service into an urban rapid transit network.

Ontario Line

Metrolinx rapid transit line of 15.5 kilometres that will connect the Ontario Science Centre to the Exhibition/Ontario Place grounds to provide relief to Line 1.

Scarborough Subway Extension

Metrolinx project to extend Line 2 subway by 7.8 kilometres from Kennedy Station to a new terminus at Sheppard Avenue East and McCowan Road to replace Scarborough Rapid Transit (SRT) line.

Yonge North Subway Extension

Metrolinx project to extend Line 1 subway 8 kilometres north from Finch to Richmond Hill Centre Station.

Waterfront Transit Network Expansion

A priority Waterfront Transit Network project being conducted in partnership with the TTC and Waterfront Toronto to assess needs and options for transit improvements along Toronto water’s edge.

Other Transit Projects

Other transit expansion projects currently underway in Toronto.