Project Background

Metrolinx’s GO Expansion Program is a major transportation infrastructure program that will expand the GO rail network to meet the needs of a growing region. The GO Expansion Program will provide faster and more efficient trains, two-way, all-day service, an expanded Union Station, and 15-minute or better service on core portions of the GO rail network.

A significant portion of the infrastructure improvements to facilitate the Program will be made within the City of Toronto. These include work in and around Union Station, the construction of new grade separations (places where the rail network is separated from the road network or other rail lines), modifications or rehabilitation of bridges, relocation and/or replacement of portions of the City’s underground infrastructure, and acquisition of City real estate assets.

For more information about Metrolinx’s GO Expansion Program, including a full list of current projects in the City of Toronto, see Metrolinx’s Update on the GO Expansion Program or visit the Metrolinx GO Expansion page.

Current Status

The City’s role in GO Expansion has followed the framework that has been established for previous Metrolinx LRT projects within the City of Toronto. The City continues to have dedicated staff for design coordination and review of Metrolinx submissions.

For more information about the current of GO Expansion projects visit the Metrolinx GO Expansion page or visit the GO Transit construction updates page for more information about current construction projects and improvements.

Metrolinx is committed to working in partnership with the City of Toronto to ensure GO Expansion is constructed in a manner that reflects the input of the City, and that Toronto plays a critical role in the implementation of the GO Expansion program.