Project Background

The Eglinton East Light Rail Transit (EELRT) project is a proposed eastern extension of Line 5 (Eglinton Crosstown LRT), which is currently under construction and owned by Metrolinx. In April 2019, City Council approved an alignment for the EELRT that would extend the Eglinton Crosstown LRT by 15 km from Kennedy Station through the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) to Malvern with up to 21 stops and three connections to GO Transit.

The EELRT would provide transit to historically underserved communities in the City, travel through or adjacent to seven Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, and bring higher-order transit within walking distance of an additional 49,000 people. By providing a connection to other higher-order transit services, including Eglinton, Guildwood and Kennedy GO stations and Line 2 (Bloor-Danforth), the EELRT would also improve transportation choice in a predominantly auto-oriented environment and transit reliability for residents in eastern Scarborough.


In April 2019, City Council directed City staff to continue planning and design work for the EELRT project, and to report back with a plan, schedule, cost and funding requirements.

More recently, updated transit expansion plans in Scarborough and Provincial design changes to the Scarborough Subway Extension (SSE) in particular have required City staff to update the design and cost estimates for the EELRT. In December 2020, City staff provided an overview of the design changes and updated cost estimates for the EELRT.

City staff are currently updating the business case for the project and advancing design to 10% to be assessed under a Transit Project Assessment Process (TPAP) Environmental Assessment. As the TPAP and design work for the EELRT progresses, City staff will also work with UTSC to align with their expansion plans. The EELRT would provide a strategic link between UTSC, neighbourhood improvement areas and equity-deserving communities in Scarborough and the central and western areas of Toronto.

Further details about the project, including an updated business case with project costs, a recommended schedule and a phasing approach, will be included in future reports to City Council.

Information and Reports

Decision History

The following links contain the decision history and staff reports to City Council associated with this project:

Background Technical Reports

The following links provide an overview of the Transit City Light Rail – Scarborough-Malvern LRT Transit Project Assessment Study Environmental Project Report. Copies of the full report and its appendices are available upon request.

The EELRT consultation program has included a number of steps to date focused on sharing technical project information and gathering community input to help guide project plans and inform decision-makers. At the most recent major phase (early 2019), the project team engaged with the public and stakeholders at various in-person meetings, through the project website and via e-mail. Copies of the Phase 3 Consultation and Communications report are available upon request.

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