The City of Toronto is committed to delivering professional, equitable, and accessible service to those who are using the Administrative Penalty System (APS) for parking violations. To continuously improve our service, please share any complaints or compliments that you have on this system. This will allow us to improve our standards and ensure effective service delivery.

Read the Public Complaints Procedures for the Administration of the APS Program.

Note: Anonymous complaints cannot be accepted. Your complaint will be shared with named staff members and their respective supervisors/managers. Sharing your name may be required to manage the complaint and resolve the issue.


For complaints on the conduct or ethical behaviour of a Hearing Officer, please follow the Code of Conduct Complaint Protocol for Members of Local Boards, including Adjudicative Boards.

Please follow the Formal Complaint Protocol for Revenue Services for complaints related to parking violation payment services.

Please follow the Complaint Process for Court Services to file a complaint regarding administrative services provided by City staff at the Administrative Penalty Tribunal.

If you’re unsure where to send your complaints and compliments, please email or call 416-396-4APS (4277). We will ensure that your complaint is directed appropriately.

If you are not satisfied with the result of your complaint, you can contact Ombudsman Toronto.