Did you receive a yellow parking violation notice? You have two options, pay your parking violation or dispute it.

Pay Your Parking Violation

Pay your parking violation online, by mail, or in person.

Once a full or partial payment is made either to the City of Toronto, or at Service Ontario, the matter is considered resolved and will not be reviewed. This includes payments made to pending screening decisions.

Your Dispute Options

Parking violations can be disputed online or in-person by appointment only.

Within 15 days of receiving your parking violation notice you can request a review. If you missed this deadline, you can request an extension.

If you request a review, do not pay your parking violation until a decision has been made by a Screening Officer. Payment made before a Screening Review will void your review because your case will be considered resolved.

Please note that screening decisions will no longer be provided immediately after an in-person meeting. You will be emailed a decision with the outcome of the review.

Step 1: Log in to the Parking Services lookup tool

Log in to the Parking Services Lookup tool. You will need one of the following pieces of information:

  • Driver’s Licence or Registrant Identification Number (RIN)
  • Parking Violation Number
  • Name and Licence Plate

Step 2: Explain your dispute

Tell us in the online form:

  • why you think the parking violation should be cancelled or varied
  • why any fees should be cancelled or varied
  • why you require additional time to pay the fine or dispute the parking violation

Documents and Photos can be uploaded as part of the online screening review, but only after submission of the online form.

Please note, any information you provide will be part of a public record.

Step 3: Screening review

One of our Screening Officers will review your online review form and affirm, vary or cancel the penalty, or vary or cancel any fees based on rules outlined in the Administrative Penalty System.

You will be emailed a decision with the outcome of the review. All decision documents and correspondence from Screening Officers will only be sent from the email address APSinquiry@toronto.ca. Please ensure to check your junk mail to avoid missing your decision or responses about your dispute.

Step 4: If required, request an additional review

If you are not satisfied with the result of your review, you can request a second and final review with an Administrative Penalty Tribunal Hearing Officer.

The Administrative Penalties System (APS) offices at Metro Hall and North York Civic Centre is available for in-person meetings by appointment only. Log into the Parking Services Lookup tool to pay, dispute online, or book an in-person appointment. For all inquiries please contact Parking Tag Operations at 416-397-TAGS (8247) or email parkinginquiries@toronto.ca.

Any updates on a previously submitted screening review can be obtained through the Parking Services Lookup tool.

The Administrative Penalties Screening Decisions and correspondence will be sent via email from APSinquiry@toronto.ca. Please ensure to check your junk mail to avoid missing your decision or responses about your dispute.


The City’s process to dispute parking violations – the Administrative Penalty System (APS) – makes requesting a review faster, easier and more convenient.

The City of Toronto does not send emails about outstanding parking fines or issue reminders through a third party. If you receive such an email, do not click on any of the links – simply delete the email. Outstanding parking tickets or violation notices can be viewed and paid using the City’s Parking Ticket Services online application.