Good for our health, the environment, and our economy, locally grown food is enjoying a resurgence. As food gardens take root in more backyards, communities, parks, and schoolyards, local food is also being featured in more recipes, restaurants, markets and stores.

Why Buy Local?

There are three primary reasons to buy Ontario food:

  1. When you buy local food, you support the local economy, including farmers and other producers.
  2. Local food travels less from farm to table, so it generates fewer of those greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.
  3. Local food is fresher, thus more nutritious and great tasting.

Want to know what’s in season? Check Foodland Ontario’s availability guide to find out what’s locally grown and in season all year long.

Where to Buy Local

Farmers Markets

Farmer’s markets are a way to connect directly with food growers and buy local.

Find Ontario Farmers Markets 

CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) / Food Boxes

Community shared agriculture is a system of growing and distributing organic produce that supports sustainable farming, preserves biodiversity, and builds a healthier, local and sustainable food system.

Through a CSA, you’ll receive fresh food on a regular basis harvested directly from a local garden.

Food box providers that offer a discount to Live Green Perks members:

Other food box providers:

Local Food at Restaurants

Many restaurants incorporate local food into their menus. To ensure you are supporting local food to the greatest extent possible, look for FeastON certified restaurants.