The City offers a number of programs to help businesses and not-for-profits reduce energy use and costs, and improve the environment.

Better Buildings Partnership

The City provides incentives, low-interest loans and expertise to help building owners design buildings that are energy efficient.

Water Efficiency Rebates and Resources

Toronto Water offers a number of programs and services to help businesses better manage their water use.

Energy & Water Reporting for Buildings

Information on the new reporting bylaw designed to help building owners and managers improve their building's energy and water efficiency.

Corporate 20-Minute Makeover

A team-building opportunity where businesses can partner with thousands of residents, community groups, and schools in the City's annual spring cleanup.

Live Green @ Work

Learn how you and your employees can reduce waste, water and energy while saving money.

Eco-Roof Funding

Receive up to $50,000 for cool roofs and up to $100,000 for green roofs plus up to $1,000 for structural assessments. All existing buildings and some new buildings are eligible.